Nardwuar and Higher Brothers deliver highly entertaining interview – watch

Nardwuar and Higher Brothers deliver highly entertaining interview – watch

Chinese rap supergroup Higher Brothers recently appeared on an interview with Youtube sensation, Nardwuar and it's everything you hoped it would be. 

Higher Brothers are a rap group from Chengdu who started making waves in their home country for their energetic performances and sick flows. Before long, the group were signed to 88Rising and their track 'Made In China' blew up globally. Nardwuar is an interviewer from Vancouver, Canada who is best known from his off-kilter interviews, his ability to drag deep, dark secrets out of his interviewees and then make it up to them with intimately selected gifts.

Over the course of this interview with Higher Brothers, Nardwuar asks DZ about his previous job selling insurance over the phone, calls Masiwei out on his high school rap name, and makes Melo freestyle battle his translator, Lana. Psy-P was mostly quiet but when he did speak, it was gold. The 20-minute interview is a match made in heaven and is definitely worth a watch.

Here are some quotes from the Higher Brothers, via Nardwuar, to give you a taste of this interview:

No Love, Cash Only!

– Melo 

America, you guys got Snoop Dogg, we got MC Hotdog.

– Masiwei

McDonald's french fries are good. KFC's.... nah.

– Psy. P

This was me, Snorlax, the Chinese Biggie, when I was younger. 

– DZ 

Check out the complete interview below: