Narelle unveils her first EP, Part 2

Narelle unveils her first EP, Part 2


Narelle has released her first EP, Part 2

Making her debut as part of Singapore pop quartet, The Sam Willows, Narelle first released her debut single as a solo artist in 2016, titled 'Some They Lie'. This three-tracker is the second part of her project which she kick-started this year, following her most recent single 'Outta My Head', three years after her first single.  

In a social media post, Narelle revealed that this EP is a huge, personal milestone, a product after overcoming her struggles and finally arriving at a version of herself that she has come to love.


💙 it’s out! 💙 Thank you guys for all the messages of support, honestly I really bloody appreciate every single one. Usually when people say nice things to me some part of me dies a little out of shame because I feel like a fraud. I cant accept love if I don’t first love myself. This year I’ve been actively learning to shrink the mountains that have seemed so daunting, and crawl my way to a ver of me that I love. It’s been tiring but rewarding, and this release is a huge huge milestone for me ✨ Today the biggest win is that when I woke up and listened through the EP entirely, I felt happy and proud. And not hit by a wave of shame and self-loathing (only maybe slight panic attacks lol). Thank you to @abouritz @tim_amunasha @nydiashiang @jasongelchen for running alongside me and picking me up when I fall. Everyday I show up because of your commitment 💙 @joshwei_ @yvesrothman the beautiful ppl. Sony Music, for allowing me the privilege of doing music. & everyone else that’s been a part thus far!!!💙 Pls add the songs to your playlists, if u like them hahaha out now on Spotify & Apple Music

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Listen to Part 2 below.