Nathan Hartono drops debut Mandarin EP《什么都不做的一天》Do Nothing Day – listen

Nathan Hartono drops debut Mandarin EP《什么都不做的一天》Do Nothing Day – listen

Nathan Hartono is back with his first-ever Mandarin EP.

Produced by established producers from Sweden, Singapore, and Malaysia, Do Nothing Day encompasses a diverse blend of various music styles ranging from R&B to acoustic to funk. Featuring focus single, ‘今天你熬夜了吗 Insomnia’, the summery EP radiates soft and easy-breezy vibes with its chill tunes that would be the perfect backdrop for both sweater weather and sunny days. 

Following '陪你旅行的人', the Mandarin hit single that was released earlier this year, as well as 2019's '解谜', the Warner Music artist has been steadily passionate about building his Mandarin repertoire.

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Producing the record during extraordinary times like this was not easy. Nathan expressed in a statement, "Creating 《什么都不做的一天》Do Nothing Day has been an unforgettable process. So many elements of this project were created from my bedroom, from composing to recording, and even the shooting of the cover art. I think because of the circumstances this project was created (a frickin global pandemic), a lot of its themes revolve around self-care." 

He also added that the sudden abundance of solidarity time threw him off but it gave him a unique perspective to position the record's artistic direction, “Although I was home all day, I couldn’t really relax… I wanted to create songs that would keep me company during times like that. For the times you need a ‘Me Day,’ ‘什么都不做的一天 (Do Nothing Day)’ celebrates the importance of uninhibited personal time. Or the nights you lay awake at 3 in the morning for no good reason, there is ‘今天你熬夜了吗 (Insomnia).’

Listen to Nathan Hartono’s new EP here: 

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