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Need to talk? Let Hell Low be your therapist at The Substation

Need to talk? Let Hell Low be your therapist at The Substation

Set aside half an hour of your weekend for introspective interaction with a musician: singer-songwriter Jeremy Lee, who plays under the moniker Hell Low, is organising what he calls 'therapy' sessions at The Substation.

Hell Low's music, which has been described as doom folk, is hushed and melancholic, his lyrics reflective on the state of life in Singapore. An Artist-in-Residence at The Substation, as part of the 2018 Residency Programme, Hell Low is offering his services for 30-minute therapy sessions where he "will open his mind and heart to all who require a remedy to life’s ills," as the Facebook event description puts it. 

After spending time "under his all-knowing, all-seeing gaze," participants will receive from Hell Low a "tonic" in the form of a song or poem. Group sessions of up to three people are also possible.

Slots over this weekend (19-20 May) and next weekend (26-27 May) are still available, though about half have already been booked, Hell Low noted on Facebook. You can book your slot here.

Listen to 'Rooms' by Hell Low here:

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