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WATCH: Nicholas Chim's haunting and poignant music video for 'Overboard'

WATCH: Nicholas Chim's haunting and poignant music video for 'Overboard'

The stories that singer-songwriter Nicholas Chim writes play out more like intimate diary entries.

He steers clear of the abstract and ruminates in a deeply direct manner, which can be jarring when married with intricate folk instrumentation, but the sheer honesty of Chim's music — one soused with bitterness and passion — lends credence to the challenges of human vulnerability that can be difficult to tackle.

Nicholas Chim is currently preparing his new EP The Greatest Enemy, and it's unforgiving and emotionally vile. It's also painfully sincere — occasionally over-the-top, sure, but we know exactly what he's talking about.

Before the EP's official release, he's revealed the music video to one of its four songs — the lush and striking 'Overboard', which is bolstered by strings and the vocals of Aarika Lee.

Depicting the inner turmoil of a ballet dancer, played by Sarah Liwen Smith, watch the video in full here: 

Prep yourself with Chim's past work before the release of The Greatest Enemy: