Noise Singapore 2013: Voice Your Noise

The wave of artist showcases, exhibitions, and mini-concerts are back! Noise Singapore once again puts the spotlight on the creative works of youth, from art, design, photography to music. So remember to put aside some time in the next few weeks to check out what they have been working hard on!

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What is Noise? 

Noise Singapore is a national creative arts platform for talented youth to showcase their work from different mediums. If you have a gift and aged 35 and below, voice your noise by jumping on this opportunity to hone your craft and showcase it to a wider audience. Organised by the National Arts Council (NAC), the Noise-y happenings consists of a Showcase Exhibition, The Apprenticeship Programme Exhibition and The Music Mentorship Concerts. 

As advocates of good music, Bandwagon will prep you with some information on the music programme Noise offers and what you can expect from this year's Music Mentorship Concerts at the Esplanade. 

Music Mentorship Programme

As part of The Music Mentorship (TMM), a panel of highly regarded and experienced professionals from the music industry were picked to mentor the bands over the past four months. A renowned experimental musician from b-quartet and The Observatory, a master guitarist and loop artist who has played at international festivals, prominent names from bands like Force Vomit, Watchmen, 53A, Great Spy Experiment, In Each Hand A Cutlass and The Oddfellows - you might just recognise some (or all!) names in the roster of mentors! 

The musicians were specially chosen for the program and from August 16-18, will be showcasing their work over three days of exhilarating performances. There's something for everyone; lush acoustic, electronic, theatrical, heartfelt and even comedic. We've got the gig schedule nicely consolidated below, along with links for more information. Drop by the Esplanade and we'll see you there!

Day 1 Concourse:

7.15 - 7.45pm PunkANation 
8.15 - 8.45pm Vishaal and Wai Huin

Day 1 Outdoor Theatre:

7.30 - 8pm Tim Koh 
8.30 - 9pm wyd:syd 
9.30 - 10pm Stopgap 
10.30 - 11pm The Auditory Effect

Day 2 Concourse:

5.15 - 5.45pm Jonathan Chan 
6.15 - 6.45pm Hariz & Lincoln 
7.15 - 7.45pm Dione Tan

Day 2 Outdoor Theatre:

7.30 - 8pm Giveth 
8.30 - 9pm Enec.e 
9.30 - 10.15pm neoDominatrix

Day 3 Concourse:

5.15 – 5.45pm The Animal Parade 
6.15 – 6.45pm Irwin Zephyr 
7.15 – 7.45pm Samantha Casey Rui

Day 3 Outdoor Theatre:

7.30 - 8pm Sa (仨) 
8.30 - 9pm Sapporo Safaris

Noise Singapore 2013 Musicians:

The Animal Parade, The Auditory Effect, Dione Tan, Enec.e, Giveth, Hariz & Lincoln, Irwin Zephyr, Jonathan Chan, neoDominatrix, PunkANation, Sa (仨) , Samantha Casey Rui, Sapporo Safaris, Stopgap, Tim Koh, Vishaal & Wai Huin and wyd:syd. 

August 16 - 18
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre & Concourse