Not Your Typical Getai Show: Getai Electronica

A getai, or quite literally “song stage” is a usually garish song show performed (but not exclusively) to the 7th lunar month. It’s all about costumes, song and dance, a light show, a raucous crowd consisting of uncles and aunties, and a rollicking atmosphere. 

Getai Electronica happening this Saturday (7 Feb), is a spiced up version of the traditional getai. Organised by Lepark and TAJ, it’s gonna bring together get madness with modern local acts that push the boundaries of groove and electronica. Set on the very lepak but very accessible open-air carpark of People’s Park Complex in the heart of Chinatown, this is going to be one memorable and scenic gig. 

More info on Getai Electronica

“The gig will be featuring some of the best upcoming bands on the island. Getai Electronica not so much because of the genre but because of a modern twist to a concert right smack in the middle of Chinatown! The venue is unique and has a great view looking at the city after dark and it's just about the right timing to do something like this and start the year for original Singapore music strongly,” Tim De Cotta, bassist of TAJ says. 

Live music will be brought about by the psychedelic band on the rise Spacedays, our favourite electronic duo .gif fresh off Laneway success, the super talented folks of jazz-funk-fusion group TAJ, electronic dance-funk Disco Hue, and soul-funk ensemble The Good Life Project. 

And while it’s a modern getai show, we don’t expect the front row seats to be ’reserved’ so go ahead, move closer to the stage if you’d like, no one will stop you. (We think)