On The Record: Louie Vega

On The Record: Louie Vega
*Presented by CÉ LA VI.

With over 20 years of dance music mastery under his belt, Grammy-winning house DJ and producer Louie Vega is set to perform in Singapore on June at CÉ LA VI. Known for his extensive discography, with over 170 singles and 11 albums to his name, we picked Louie's brains to find out what records made him the musician he is today. 

Check out his list of chosen records below. 

The record I have to play at every show: 'Drummotions' by CAIIRO

"This is a hot track that's off the compilation album Nulu 10 years – Past, Present, Future. Executive Producer Anané Vega celebrates 10 years of her label Nulu and is putting out the albums this year and this is a track on one of the compilations. Super fresh!"

The record that made me want to DJ: 'Love Is The Message' by MFSB

"This track reminds me of the block parties in my neighborhood in the Bronx. I can see it in my mind!"

The record I didn’t like at first but grew to love: '7PM' by Timmy Regisford

"Right now, this track in NYC at my weekly party is one of the biggest. It’s over 10 minutes long and after the sax beat mix, it goes right into a Caribbean frenzy groove with solo work. Timmy Regisford & Co. gave us a great track for dancers! It's a favourite track especially when it gets past the fourth minute". 

The record I'd recommend to someone who asks, “What is house?”: 'Fable (Director's Cut)' by Lil Louis feat. Chinah Blac

"This is a Frankie Knuckles classic –enough said! He gave me this special version after I had asked if he can do a dub with the piano solo". 

The rarest record in my collection and how I found it: 'Woman' by Barrabas, 12".

"A friend and great DJ from the Bronx, Wayne Burgois, gave it to me as a gift. He knew how much I loved this track. It happened to be a rare pressing from Mexico on RCA Records". 

The best salsa record in my collection: 'Coro Miyare' by Fania All Stars

"This is one of my all-time choices of the Fania All Stars. The track is a journey and features top quality production. I had the pleasure to work in the studio with the Great Roberto Roena, and he played bongo and percussion on “Good Thing (Cosa Buena)” on Vega Records". 

The record that makes me cry: 'You Can Do It Baby' by Nuyorican Soul feat. George Benson

"This is a Nuyorican Soul Classic. We had the honor to work with the genius George Benson; this became one of several creations we’ve done with him. He is on the top of my list of artists I’ve worked with". 

The record that makes me want to go the club the most: Powerdance by Luke Solomon

"This is a new one – not out yet. Luke and Companies take on the Dinosaur L classic “Go Bang”. He’s created a dance floor gem with this one! I’ve been playing it the last two months and its not out yet". 

The record I play when it’s raining outside but I'm warm and comfortable inside: 'All I Need' by Air 

"This one I listen to on my calm hours, when I want to relax and even think, it's an all time favorite of mine! Ever since it came out on promo, I've had it on vinyl. I'd play this one even when starting or ending a night, and now I listen to it when I’m in Zen mode :)". 

Louie Vega is set to helm the decks at CÉ LA VI on Saturday, 1 June. Get your tickets here