On the Record: The albums that shaped Hinds

On the Record: The albums that shaped Hinds

Since breaking into the scene in 2015, Hinds have arguably set the trail ablaze with their lo-fi garage rock sound and don’t-give-a-f*ck attitude about the conventions of music and success.

Composed of three under 25 year-old girls from Spain and a teenage drummer from Holland, Carlotta, Ade, Amber and Ana have taken the jaded indie rock scene by storm with their energetic and youthful live performances, reminiscent of the true, grimy roots of the genre they play.

Although they only released their debut album, Leave Me Alone, at the beginning of this year, Hinds have already amassed an impressive list of appearances at festivals like Glastonbury, Benicassim, Clockenflap, and South by Southwest (where they played an inimitable 16 concerts in 4 days), and have played alongside icons of garage and lo-fi like The Strokes, The Libertines, The Black Lips and Mac DeMarco.

Even as their tour itinerary grows, the band seems eager to take on the world on the back of their endearing debut, and they remain inspired on the road. “We listen to music all the time," says lead singer Carlotta. "When all the phone batteries have died and we listen to silence, it’s weird.” Their playlists have also evolved beyond their prime garage rock favourites, and their last US tour had them listening to plenty of hip-hop and new wave music. "A lot of Kendrick Lamar, a lot of Life of Pablo, Kanye West, a lot of Drake. All that stuff, we were seriously loving it.”

With 30 sold out shows across Europe and US this year under their belt, the band is already making their way to our side of the world this spring. After making their debut Asia show in Tokyo last April, Hinds will be gracing the stage of kult kafe here in Singapore on May 11 with the support of Singapore’s equally cool Obedient Wives Club.

Chirpy with an infectious excitement underlying all her words, Carlotta, the lead vocalist of Hinds, spoke to us about the band’s listening habits while on tour, and the records that have shaped them.


"The first reason is because it’s an amazing album. The second reason is that it is a second album, so it gives you a little bit of hope. There are so many people in music, or people who think they are critics of music who say, “I really love this band, but the first album is the best one and they’ve just done shit since."

“So when you’re a musician and you know what it feels like to be on the road and to be touring, and to live the life that music gives you, you start to realize what it means to do a second album. So I think Room on Fire is such a great example of being on tour for many months but still doing a great job on a second album and not going crazy."

“We listened to it by accident actually, we were in this shop and they played the whole album, and it was so disturbing. To hear all the songs in a row, one by one, one after another, it was so disturbing.”


“All the songs are from like a prom party, and it’s amazing. So much fun.”


“They’re from Madrid and they’re like our teachers for everything. They just put it out and it’s great.”


“I’m not sure if they’re putting something out in 2017, but if they are The Black Lips are a must.”




“It’s not that we disliked it, we just didn’t like it that much.”





“Right now we’re really into reggaeton, but I can’t really name an album for that.”


“Never listened to a whole album of Beyonce. I really don’t have a strong opinion about her.”