On The Record: The songs that shaped Icicle

On The Record: The songs that shaped Icicle

From drum & bass to techno to dubstep, Holland-born and London-based producer Icicle (real name Jeroen Snik) has been at the forefront of the European underground electronic music scene for nearly a decade now. With acclaimed releases under respected labels such as Hospital Records, Soul:R and, most famously, Shogun Audio, Snik has certainly his earned his exceptional reputation as one of the most technically advanced artist in the game today.

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And aside from his prolific work as a producer, Icicle somehow also finds the time to maintain a demanding touring schedule as a DJ and run his ever-popular Rinse FM radio program at the same time. The man has clearly made music his life, and his dedication to his craft is something his fans have long admired. So ahead of his headlining showcase at Canvas this Saturday, we talked to Icicle to learn a little bit about the records that have inspired his lifelong passion in music.


"This track showed me anything is possible and that you can create your own world with music."


"Full of energy with a dirty drop that gives you the energy you need; even if you don't have it!"


"Not that I actually think I've ever cried to music, this definitely tickles the heart strings. Kind of a funeral track in my book."


"This is the ultimate dance music anthem in my opinion, people that can't dance to this don't understand dance music!"


"Industry standard sound design! Anything the guys make will define a lot of drum & bass coming out after it."


"This is a track everyone has special memories of I think, the video had my buddies and I going more than anything."


"Not sure, perhaps a certain Daft Punk track? Although genius!"


"Really thought it was a bit 'Disney' to begin with but got under my skin eventually."


"Proper Dutch techno pioneer, up there with likes of Richie Hawtin and Underground Resistance in my book."


"Perhaps a little out of the nerdy electronic music scope, I love this song and the storytelling in this track (and most of Rolling Stones tracks)."


"I remember my parents blasting this out after my bedtime when I was very young and It gave the whole house such an eerie vibe I couldn't sleep!"


"Wouldn't it be nice to have brought rave to the mainstream public in such an uncompromising way!"


"Not because I’m such a fan, but my girlfriend is and what is it all about - if not pleasing the ladies!"

Canvas presents Icicle takes place on 13 August. Presale tickets are $22 inclusive of one drink while door sales are $30 inclusive of one drink.

GIVEAWAY: We have 2 pairs of tickets to the show to hand out to 2 lucky readers! Simply email editorial@bandwagon.sg with the subject header 'Icicle Contest', your full name, NRIC and contact number to stand a chance to win.