Over October premiere new single "Never Stop" with lyric video

Over October premiere new single "Never Stop" with lyric video

The newest member of the Red Ninja family, Over October have released their first new material since their 2016 EP, "Free". The single release is also accompanied by a new "really happy, bright" lyric video by Jacob Echague. "Never Stop" is the first single off their forthcoming EP. 

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Vocalist Josh Buizon tells Bandwagon what the song is all about:

"This new single, "Never Stop" is about finding love after trying and looking for so long. It focuses on that "honeymoon" period that people go through in a relationship. The melody, lyrics and feel good feel of the song are inspired by how sometimes when people fall in love, they tend to overthink a lot and treat love as a [strategy] game.

I think that this kind of distorts what love actually is, and how you're supposed to feel when you actually love someone. I think that love should be simple, you're not supposed to overthink but just enjoy and live in that moment with the person you love and everything else should fall into place. I just really wanted to focus on that feeling you have when you're in love, and in this case, new love.

 It's really a happy song and meant to spread good vibes all around."

Buizon adds that he and the rest of the band are currently working on the rest of the EP at La Balls Studio with producer Nick Lazaro.