Paliwanag Convergence & Music Festival brings together music, healing and nature

Paliwanag Convergence & Music Festival brings together music, healing and nature

Looking for a one-of-a-kind festival experience? Paliwanag Convergence and Music Festival is happening in Tagaytay over the long weekend and, judging by the activities they have prepared for participants—plus the fact that it's happening on a farm, makes it feel like a retreat for the music lover's soul. Read on to find out what the folks in Paliwanag have in store for us!

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Free Jam 

An experience for the participants to gather spontaneously together and express their intuitive selves in co-creating music within the present moment. Free Jams happen as long people come together with respect and openness to each other’s expressions.

Sound Healing

Present as an experience by allowing participants to come back into harmonic and energetic resonance and coherence through sound and vibration.

Creativity & Integrative Workshops

There will be various workshops to support the process of dialogue and to apply it in a practical and fun way. These will range from creativity workshops, to workshops on gardening and realistic ways we can live more sustainably and organically with the environment that we’re in.

Dialogue Circles

The focus of Paliwanag, where we gather and learn from one in a space of allowance, trust, and insight. Dialogue Circles are both an open forum and a casual gathering, cultivating the space for us to listen and speak from the heart, and allow the natural flow of our existence to take place.

Bonfire & Insights

Community dialogue circle where we come together and talk about what we have learned about through the day and share the experiences and insights we’ve gotten to.

Inner Dance

A healing process that explores the REM stage of the sleep cycle with full awareness and high observation, where a non-verbal dialogue takes place between the individual and the spirit. Accompanied by music that comes in sub-complementary pattern of the brain waves and subtle energetic guidance to relax the body, observe the mind, and allow the spirit to dance.

Ashtanga Yoga

For those who are more into the rigid physical form of yoga but continuously longing for the deeper aspect of this intelligently weaved practice through the unfolding in their own journey.

Kundalini Laya Yoga

For those who are more into the spiritual side of yoga and are open to raising their awareness rapidly and quickly through an integration of yogic and tantra practices.

Vinyasa Yoga

For those who seek for more fluid form of yoga practice where poses are linked purposely with the breath to help bring a deeper stretch.


To quiet and still the mind to free it from its bondages and bring liberation to the being.  Allows the body to relax, allows the mind to quiet down, which allows the spirit to quflow freely, and access conscious and total awareness of your own space. Coupled with Breath work or Pranayama, this gives the individual access to altered states of consciousness.

In addition, what's a music festival without the line-up of artists set to join the celebration? Here's the list of acts set to play for the four day festival. They are good and plentiful so you will never be short of somewhere to dance and sing a long!

Line Up

The Chimichangas 

Indie pop duo featuring Chrissie Bellosillo and Rizza Cabrera, who promise to deliver performances as delicious as the dish.  

Martti Franca 

Singer-songwriter Martti Franca yearns to translate unspoken feelings into lyrical content, tackling a different side of love and heartbreak in modern day society, and often masking them in a head-bopping groove. A former lead guitarist, he places value in the dynamics of melody to convey emotions that cannot be conveyed by the spoken word. 

Sary Valenzuela 

Sary Valenzuela is a 21-year-old acoustic singer-songwriter with country and indie-folk tendencies. Though more known as a veteran journalist, songwriting has been her secret catharsis for years. Often storytelling about real-life experiences through music, she is a hopeless romantic and an open book—two qualities that have amounted to dozens of originals, which she has never shared—until now. She’s currently a student at UP Diliman.

Rizza Cabrera 

Rizza Cabrera is basically a veteran in the Philippine music scene. She started off on YouTube in 2007, and since then she’s played in gigs and festivals around the country. This catchy and multi-talented singer-songwriter has released numerous songs through the years on her SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Facebook. Apart from her solo career, she’s also part of Walkie Talkies with her sister, and 1/2 of The Chimichangas.


Dante is an enigma. His work is a culmination of his musical journey spanning different genres. From metal to pop punk, from drum and bass to hiphop—he’s visited so many sounds that you can only categorize his work in a genre of its own. Dante creates what Dante wants to create. Whether his soulful guitar and smooth vocals take you to purgatory, or his dark confessions take you to the inferno, one thing is for certain: you’re in for quite a journey.


Half-Japanese, Half-Filipino, and all talent—Ryoku is a one-of-a-kind artist. His background as a visual artist plays an important role in his music as you can almost envision his music in your mind’s eye with the detailed soundscape he paints. Whether he’s chopping up an old funk sample or he’s programming his own synths to life, Ryoku is undeniably one of the most gifted producers of his generation.


Already known for his lyrical skill in the spoken word circuit, the release of NINNO's debut album Third Culture Kid has attracted favorable attention from music critics and fans. "When it comes to young Pinoy talent in the game today, the consensus on the street points to surging Manila rapper NINNO as the one to look out for - the next big thing and the next ascending king."


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