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PHOTO GALLERY: French Kiwi Juice thrills The Powder Room with a multi-instrumental set

PHOTO GALLERY: French Kiwi Juice thrills The Powder Room with a multi-instrumental set

Roche Musique's French Kiwi Juice, more affectionately known as FKJ, stopped by Singapore last Friday for a special one-night only showcase at The Powder Room, and judging by how quickly the space sold out via Peatix, the set was highly anticipated. Bandwagon was there to soak in FKJ's sophisticated and smooth live set, and boy did we have a blast.

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But before FKJ stepped up for his showcase, the packed early crowd were first treated to the boogie-centric sounds of The Powder Room's resident DJ - Marvin Gold. Most of you may know him as Hafez Masterpiece and as the lead singer for local funk and soul outfit The Mighty Mighty, and the Pushin'On DJ really got flex his crate of tunes on this one as he wonderfully warmed up the floor for the first couple of hours.

FKJ himself soon stepped up just after midnight, and the capacity crowd were more than ready to greet the headliner with uproarious applause. Going through disco-centric favourites like 'Better Give U Up' and 'Instant Need', the multi-instrumentalist performer immediately proved himself to be worth the wait.

It was quite a sight to see FKJ masterfully juggling his extensive live set-up, frequently switching between his Ableton, keyboard, saxophone, electric and bass guitar with effortless ease. But the surprise highlight of night was when he invited American singer-songwriter, June Mareeizy, onstage to perform with him.

Despite a couple of hiccups (the venue actually suffered a brief black-out mid-set), this was certainly night to remember and continues the venue's stellar run of tasteful bookings. Kudos, Lo & Behold!

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