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PHOTO GALLERY: The Highlights of GoodVybes Fest 2016

PHOTO GALLERY: The Highlights of GoodVybes Fest 2016

Not bad for a first try, GoodVybes Fest. Even though the schedule was shuffled and reshuffled on the day itself, the overall experience delivered what the name promised. CHVRCHES delivered, with Lauren Mayberry galloping across the stage, with twirls that rival Carly Rae Jepsen. The long-awaited Passion Pit finally came through after their show slated for last August had to be cancelled. Oh Wonder, for a year-old band, proved to be one to watch out for as well. However, Stars was our favorite of the night. We heard everything from the intricacies of their arrangements to the feeling of sheer triumph over heartbreak and sadness over a crystal clear sound system, surrounded by everyone dancing.

But if you asked us, most of the highlights happened with the diverse line-up of local acts over at the Beat Tent, with an onstage marriage proposal happening during Moonwlk’s set, an explosive performance by the self-confessed nerds Shadow Moses x Ninno, and the crowd that stayed to cheer BP Valenzuela on despite a glaring scheduling mishap where a main act started playing midway through her set. More on that in our full report.

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Scroll down to see some of the highlights of the entire day, with shots of Assembly Generals, Kjwan, She’s Only Sixteen, Stars, BP Valenzuela, Oh Wonder, Moonwlk, Chvrches, Passion Pit, and more...

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