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PHOTO GALLERY: Pulp Summer Slam XVI Highlights

PHOTO GALLERY: Pulp Summer Slam XVI Highlights

In a Pulp Summer Slam event, one has to expect the splitting heat mixed with the sweltering anticipation of thousands of metal heads. Picture being in the middle of a dense crowd clad in black shirts, drenched in sweat, singing their hearts out with every inch of energy that would leave them with a welcome ache in their systems in the morning.

Upon entering the gates of the stadium, concert-goers were shoved with cups of Red Horse beer as part of the ticket freebies whether they drink or were staying sober—it's part of the experience. You may hand them to a couple of high-strung attendees who are more than happy to get free extra booze. But really, you'll end up good as intoxicated once the beer showers start in the middle of the pit. 

The view from up in the concrete bleachers gave fans quite a spectacle as Pulp Summer Slam 16 unfolded before them. The music fest was barely starting but one can feel the season's heat turning up with every turn of the clock. It would have been easy to lose one's temper with the brusque bouncers and the punishing weather but everyone else were busy getting fired up and blending in the kaleidoscopic crowd of fellow metal fans who missed work, school, and other affairs for the annual music fest.

As soon as people began entering the event grounds, most of them headed straight to the Tribal booth to grab their own official Pulp Summer Slam 16 shirts—an essential PSS memento. One could literally feel the anticipation in the air; smell the spilt beer and hear the clamor fighting their way through the blast of mega-speakers fit only for a music fest such as Pulp Summer Slam.


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