PHOTO GALLERY: Singapore: Inside Out's homecoming leg

PHOTO GALLERY: Singapore: Inside Out's homecoming leg

For most of 2015, Singapore: Inside Out has been busy traveling the world to show off the very best of Singaporean arts, culture and music. And from by all accounts, ths initiative has been wildly successful at every turn. Across creative capitals like Beijing, London and New York, our artists and their works have opened more than a few eyes to the dynamic creative scene we've been cultivating here at home.

After such an exhaustive touring schedule, it was only fitting that Singapore: Inside Out would end its run back where it all began. From 27 November to 6 December, Tan Quee Lan street played host to a wide array of multi-sensory and multidisciplinary showcases ranging from art installations to literature to theater to music. And while every single showcase proved to be breathtaking in its own right, we here at Bandwagon obviously have a soft spot for the music side of things.

So here's a pictorial recap of all the amazing musical odds and ends that happened during Singapore: Inside Out's week-long homecoming.

27 DECEMBER (presented by SGMUSO)


Using an intriguing blend of modern electronics and traditional Chinese instrumentation, SA captivated the opening day crowd with soundscapes that simultaneously pushed boundaries and paid homage to their ancestral roots.


Post-hardcore favourites, Caracal, delivered a typically raw and ferocious performance that left fans salivating and bystanders reeling.

28 NOVEMBER (presented by SGMUSO)

Charlie Lim x Vandetta

Dynamic, classy and effortlessly outstanding - we'd like to refer to Charlie Lim and Vandetta as neo-soul mates after this exhilarating one-off collaboration.

29 NOVEMBER (presented by SGMUSO)

Charlie Lim & The Mothership

Charlie Lim returned with his all-star backing band, The Mothership, to wow the packed house with heart wrenching originals like 'Bitter' and 'I Only Tell The Truth'.

Take Two

Indie-rock quintet, Take Two, really got the crowd grooving with their instantly infectious Britpop-influenced anthems.

1 DECEMBER (presented by Ujikaji Records)

Hell Low

Doom-folk troubadour, Hell Low, regales the audience with exquisitely crafted acoustic tales about the Singaporean condition.

Lost Weekend

A lovely set by indie darlings Lost Weekend, spotlighting their charming repertoire of dream pop and classic guitar-driven rock.

The Psalms

The Psalms are one of our favourite bands in the world, and they showed the crowd why they're so highly regarded with a typically intense performance that straddled the lines between poetry and prog-rock.

2 DECEMBER (presented by Ujikaji Records)

Awk Wah

Dizzying and entirely unpredictable, Awk Wah's cornucopia of avant-noise and mutating cacophonies proved to be utterly compelling.


This wonderfully colourful gig marks Pastelpower's swan song, and we're guessing Cherie Ko must have been pleased with the warm reception she received as she bade farewell to her bedroom electronic project.

3 DECEMBER (presented by Ujikaji Records)

Bani Haykal

A mesmerizing presence onstage, Bani Haykal experimental takes on text and sound is always a pleasure to watch.


Always theatrical, lovingly kitsch and filled with boundless energy, costumes heroes Tiramisu never fails to steal the show with their cock rock carnival.

4 DECEMBER (presented by Syndicate)

The Observatory

Showcasing their savage new material from forthcoming album August Is The Cruelest alongside favorites from previous LP Oscilla, The Observatory transfixed the crowd with beastly fury, Leslie Low's riveting lyricism and characteristic volume.


This might have been Octover's last performance for a while, so we reveled in it as much as we could. Featuring standout originals from their debut album and covers of Kate Bush and Goldie, this one was a treat!

Cha Cha & Kiat

Syndicate founder, Kiat, jumped on the decks for an absolute banger of a DJ set, accompanied by enchanting live vocals from Chinese dub-specialist Cha Cha.

5 DECEMBER (presented by Syndicate)


Anchored by stunning new material from their debut album soma, with a surprise assist by rapper Mean on 'money', this was a magnificent showing by .gif.


Alternating between delicate beats and kaiju-sized bass, English producer Kidkanevil was definitely the set that convinced the crowd to let loose and bust a move.


After jumping on for a verse on .gif's set, Mean took over for a full-fledged set of his own, dishing out woozy gems and raw charisma from his latest release, NSFW.


We're going to go out on a limb to proclaim NADA as the highlight of Singapore: Inside Out! The Malay context of Safuan Johari's electronic beats together with Rizman Putra's wild abandon onstage is as entertaining as it is colloquial. Don't hate, just joget.

6 DECEMBER (presented by SGMUSO)


Pleasantry presented fans with a tapestry of intricate melody and breezy beauty, capped off by a lovely onstage birthday surprise for multi-instrumentalist member Isa Ong.


Backed by trusty hype man MC Boo, THELIONCITYBOY got everyone bouncing with a typically energetic set characterized by boundless swag and impeccable flow.