PHOTO GALLERY: Vinyl records galore at The Analog Assembly

PHOTO GALLERY: Vinyl records galore at The Analog Assembly

The resurgence in popularity for vinyl records has been absolutely unprecedented. While the rise in sales were initially attributed to hype and a culture with fondness for all things "vintage", the vinyl buying populace has not wavered and even increased last year

It's safe to say that not everyone's in it for the format's supposed gold standard in sound quality, but the variation in record colours and tactile sleeves have given a reason for newer listeners to purchase physical albums. No matter our increasingly convenient listening habits, from the iPod to the cloud, we might have made a permanent place in our shelves for a record collection.

The Analog Assembly debuted last July, providing a space for vinyl collectors all over Singapore and beyond to mingle, sell and trade. Last Saturday, on February 20, they made a swift return to The Projector, with even more vendors and a bigger crowd. 

With performances by Hanging Up the Moon's Sean Lam and DJ KoFlow, it gave both the casual listener and ardent collector many reasons to stick around the independent cinema, complete with a screening of Amy at the end of the day.

Take a look at what happened that day: