Politicians' Playlist: What they are (and what we think they're) listening to

In this sudden shift of events that surround the General Elections, we're being made to decide the ruling party in our GRCs in a matter of days. Whether you're an embittered opposition diehard or a PAP traditionalist, we all can agree that we've heard a lot from our beloved (or not so beloved) candidates from the past few days alone. 

Issues about the influx of new citizens, the economy and something something controversy, it's a lot to take in and we're taking as much time as we can to make an informed decision. From political heavyweights like PAP's Lee Hsien Loong to the Workers Party's Low Thia Khiang, we've listened to what each candidate has to say, but what about the music they're listening to? For many of us, music has become almost an essential activity, something we do to perk ourself in the midst of stress or a tool we can use to unwind after a long day of work.

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We can't imagine the pressure that's on many of them and we imagine music may just help them get through each day of rallies. We sent out emails to each party contesting in the many GRCs. Understandably, not all of them were able to get back to us, but we did get some responses and some of these playlists might surprise you.

For the candidates who didn't respond, we came up with playlists we think they would be blasting on their iPhones or turntables right now.

What They're Listening To

Chee Soon Juan (Singapore Democratic Party)

'I Will Be The One' (SDP's campaign song for GE2015) 

It's not that Avicii vs Nicki Romero radio hit, but rather it's the party's official theme song that was actually written by Dr. Chee himself, along with fellow party member Jufri Salim. 

'It's All About You' by McFly (covered by E Lyn and An Lyn)

We're not sure if he's heard the original version but he's very fond of this endearing acoustic cover by his daughters E Lyn and An Lyn. He has also performed with them at various SDP events. Very sweet!

'You've Got a Friend' by James Taylor

Definitely one of the most touching folk songs out of the 70s, originally written by Carole King but also known for its rendition by James Taylor. Here's Dr. Chee himself covering the beloved tune.

'How Deep Is Your Love' by the Bee Gees

Hate on the Bee Gees all you want, this song can hit the feels at the right moment. Certainly Dr. Chee knows what's up.

'Tequila Sunrise' by the Eagles 

Basically, an Eagles song that's not 'Hotel California'.

Roy Ngerng (Reform Party)

'When You Believe' by Whitney Houston (feat. Mariah Carey)

A emotional duet between two of the biggest R&B/pop divas of the 90s, we'd like to think Roy gets empowered by stirring, heart-rending tunes, as the rest of this playlist shows.

'I Don't Want to Miss A Thing' by Aerosmith

We also think Mr. Ngerng would kill at this song in a karaoke session.

'Voices That Care' by David Foster and a supergroup of 90s pop stars

Feel that energy surge when Michael Bolton's voice comes in. Straight fire.

'The Hanging Tree' by James Newton Howard ft. Jennifer Lawrence

We think this should be the theme song for the Reform Party.

'Let It Go' by Idina Menzel

In Roy's own words, "I like the concept of letting it go."

Tan Peng Ann (SingFirst)

Originally, Mr. Tan sent us a list of his favourite songs that he keeps in a disc, up to 80 choice hits. These are the five songs he highlighted for this specific playlist.

'Harbour Lights' by Roger Whittaker

This song may be from 1993 but Mr. Tan's list mainly comprises of artists popular during the 50s-60s, including Cliff Richard, who made a big impact on Singapore's music scene in his concert here with The Shadows in 1961.

'Lightning Express' by The Everly Brothers

'I'm A Better Man (For Having Loved You)' by Engelbert Humperdinck

Presenting Mr. Tan, the romantic.

'Love, Me' by Collin Raye

Romantic with a capital R, ladies.

'Ocean Deep' by Cliff Richard

"And as I cry myself to sleep / I know this love of mine I'll keep / Ocean deep". If you need a killer tune to offset that Valentine's Day trap mixtape, Mr. Tan's got your back.

What We Think They're Listening To

Lee Hsien Loong (People's Action Party)

'Stand Up for Singapore' by Hugh Harrison

We imagine the great LHL blasting this as he does his own Rocky montage, training every morning.

'Count On Me, Singapore' by Hugh Harrison

Well, as Prime Minister, we'd think this song rings true especially for him.

'We Are Singapore' by Hugh Harrison

This is a classic after all.

'Singapore Town' by The Sidaislers

Late NWA rapper Eazy-E was cruisin' down the street in his 64. Mr. Lee, on the other hand, would take a little trip around Singapore Town jockin the b I mean, to see Collyer Quay and Raffles Place.

'Energy' by Drake

After yesterday's PAP lunchtime rally, Mr. Lee was absolutely fired up. We think this song had a part to play in it.

Sylvia Lim (The Workers' Party)

'Come Away With Me' by Norah Jones

After all that hard work fighting for Aljunied, we think Norah Jones would be her choice for a downtempo night.

'All I Want' by Joni Mitchell

All she really wants is that parliament seat back.

'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' by Cyndi Lauper

Ms. Lim is part of Gen X and with this track being the party anthem of the women of that generation, we're sure this is "her jam" at parties.

'I Feel The Earth Move' by Carole King

The Workers Party candidate is a self-professed fan of the singer-songwriter, so this song has to be on her playlist. 

'Gloria' by Patti Smith

Just wishful thinking here, that one of Singapore's most outspoken female politicians has a soft spot for one of rock's most ferocious female figures.

Choong Hon Heng (National Solidarity Party)

'I Stand Alone' by Godsmack

The fuel for his rally speeches.

'Lose Yourself' by Eminem

Mr. Choong probably takes Eminem's words very seriously.

'Tubthumper' by Chumbawumba

Could this be Mr. Choong's essential party tune? We think so.

'Only Time' by Enya

Probably Mr. Choong's go-to song for his special "me time".

'Aghartha' by Sunn O)))


Han Hui Hui (Independent)

'Bitch Better Have My Money' by Rihanna (NSFW)


'Outrage of Modesty' by O$P$


'Got Your Money' by Ol' Dirty Bastard feat. Kelis


'C.R.E.A.M.' by Wu-Tang Clan


'Money' by Pink Floyd

Please return, thanks.