Polyphia will show you how to make your guitar sing

Polyphia will show you how to make your guitar sing

Alright – we’ve all heard the age old adage, ‘Practice practice practice’, or ‘practice makes perfect’. In many ways, that’s true. No matter how talented you are, ‘hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard’. But at a certain point, even hard work will lead you to a plateau.

That’s why it’s important that the musicians among us are constantly on the lookout for ways and means to make our music better.

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Enter the guitarists from instrumental progressive band Polyphia, Tim Hensen and Scott LePage. A quick listen through their work will leave you with an amazing sense of wonder, because it makes complete sense that they’re instrumental. The talented duo compose in such a way that the listener feels there's a vocalist — just not a human one.

The American guitarists out of Texas are holding a clinic in Singapore as a part of the Ibanez Guitar Clinic Tour. Admission is free, but pending a sign-up. You can sign up for the clinic here.

Guitarists, it’s time – if you find that you’re plateauing, and if you’re looking for an extra push to give you the feeling that there’s still an entire world of possibilities you haven’t been opened to, this clinic is designed to broaden your horizons.

Enough with the power chords. Time to learn how to make your guitar sing.

Listen to Hensen and LePage tear it up on Champagne, off their first release Muse: