"Post-acoustic" trio HubbaBubbas to launch debut EP with a show at Aliwal Arts Centre

"Post-acoustic" trio HubbaBubbas to launch debut EP with a show at Aliwal Arts Centre

Touting their brand of acoustic pop as "post-acoustic" (we too are still pondering what this classification entails), local trio the HubbaBubbas are releasing their debut EP Amy(gdala) (pronounced uh-mig-duh-luh) in the coming month.

Comprising of guitarist Ryan Chan, beatboxer Mervyn Ye, and vocalist Stephanie Lim, the band endeavors to create a collection of tracks that will make you feel like you've just "[carved] out a piece of warm pie to sit inside and hang out it". An odd description indeed, but really who doesn't love a nice warm slice of pie?

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Though this may be their debut EP, the band have already made their rounds of Singapore's live gig circuit, playing shows at the Istana Open House, Acid Bar, Five Bar @ Cuppage Road, and Timbre, and have even played the role of mentor for NOISE The Music Mentorship 2014 program.

The Hubbabubbas will be launching their EP with a show at the much beloved Aliwal Arts Centre on the 12th August. Promising an evening of "catchy melodies, quirky guitar stuff and unorthodox sound", the show will also feature prominent bassist/producer/songwriter Tim De Cotta, and keyboardist Audrey Tengkey, for a special 5-piece setup.

Get your tickets now at peatix.com for 1 ticket at $12, or a bundle of 4 at $40.

Watch the HubbaBubbas acoustic cover of SIA's Chandelier