Power To The Pore: A Musical Mission by Michaela Therese


We love our local music very much, but here we have the soulful Michaela Therese who is even holding a show at the Esplanade to show and share with us her love and respect for all music home-made. All the way from the visceral post-hardcore outfit Caracal to the traditional father of local music, Zubir Said, Michaela will take us all on her personal musical journey. 

"This show "Power To The Pore" where I will be doing 80% covers of music made here in Singapore throughout our history. This is my way of paying tribute to the music scene here, during what I believe is almost a renaissance, with so many original bands out there doing their own thing. I want to educate my audience who comes to make it clear that the music made here is on par with music made anywhere else and that we should start celebrating what has been happening in our scene."

Power To The Pore! is in conjunction with some other initiatives Michaela has in store to empower the arts scene in Singapore. The web series ''Make You Think", is also part of the project, where she talks to artists who are pushing boundaries in the community. 


Get empowered as well and join Michaela on this journey and she pays tribute to local music, and why it matters. Uncover a bit of history, and discover some new music from our own pool of talented musicians. Michaela will also be sharing the stage with some friends and Singapore's finest musicians; Naz on keys, Tim De Cotta on bass and Teo Jia Rong on drums.

Power To The Pore! 

26 September

Esplanade Recital Studio