PREMIERE: AndreaH celebrates young love in 'YOU' music video - watch

PREMIERE: AndreaH celebrates young love in 'YOU' music video - watch

Love is one of the most richly fertile subject-matter grounds in pop culture. The girl-meets-boy scenario will never die. In her latest single and music video, Irish-Filipino chanteuse and songwriter AndreaH devotes her pen to remembering and honouring the purity of love’s first blush. Coy glances, flirty giggles and that necessarily awkward-but-endearing bike ride all feature in this magnificently feel-good visual.

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The spirit of the song corresponds directly to how its maker feels about it. In an official release, AndreaH revealed the following: “My favourite song that I have written is definitely 'YOU'. It is one of my most recent songs and I wrote when I was in a very happy part of my life. It has a really cute back story to it (about meeting this boy) and whenever I listen to it, it puts a smile on my face because I remember the time that I wrote it”.

Rick de Asis, who shot the piece, drives the feeling home, with the setting: Pierce and East Coast Reservoirs – the sites of many dates IRL in Singapore.

The action follows a couple out on a cafe date and captures all the cues of its intimate conversation. Later, the viewer is privy to the couple’s heart-warming bike ride together. These scenes are cut with performance vignettes of AndreaH. This is truly one of the more unabashedly cheerful and wholesome videos to enter the ether in a long while.

Watch it below.