PREMIERE: Test The Divide heralds new album with thunderous single, 'Sorry'

PREMIERE: Test The Divide heralds new album with thunderous single, 'Sorry'

There’s a great storm a-brewing in Made In Singapore rock and it comes in the form of the sestet that is Test The Divide. Dale Isaac Low, Thomas Low, Tabitha Boon, Darren Tan, Wong Wei Lung and Debbi Koh are on the ascent – having proven their mettle at this year’s Noise Music Mentorship programme, the band is on the cusp of its new album Silver. Today, TTD links up with us and lifts the shroud on the album’s lead single, 'Sorry'.

Spoiler alert: It’s absolutely titanic. Multiple canons of rock and metal meld into one singular thrall of sound and movement. The scale and sweep of this showing is panoramic – quiet-loud dynamics; serrated riffs; jackhammer-drums; stratospheric guitar solos; ethereal builds; all these figure in the five-plus minutes of the song’s runtime.

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Right now, hip-hop and dance music command the needle of pop culture but TTD is unfazed. Its approach is consciously prog-minded and grandiose. How the listener benefits from its baroque ethos is both in the sheer sprawl of this offering as well as in the artful nuances of its conception.

Essentially, the song chronicles the drama of having to walk away from someone to whom you had once given your heart. It’s never an easy decision and advertised ‘clean’ splits are never so. Frontwoman Debbie Koh attests to this with telling lines such as 'I’d give it all to watch you fall apart' and 'I’m not sorry for how you feel, at all'. Though plainspoken, they belie the anger and indignation of the wronged.

Then, there’s the music. Compositionally dazzling, the song is both a thing of beauty and a formidable behemoth. How its twinkly opening lines evolve into a celestial eruption is something to behold.

The track is now available for purchase and streaming on all digital platforms.

Check out 'Sorry' below.