Project Urbanisme: An Eminent Takeover

Vice mall Eminent Plaza down Lavender Street cleans up pretty well when a bunch of artists and musicians take over. Before it's imminent demolition in October, a dose of creative chaos will be injected into the mix of KTV lounges, seedy offices, massage parlours and other shady ongoings. The occupation will bring about various exhibitions, creative projects, live music performances during the month of September. 

Three bands ANECHOIS, Pleasantry, and Cashew Chemists will take up a month-long residency in the project and have also set up shop in a makeshift space within a KTV lounge - renaming the room 'Lapsap Studio'. Keyboardist of ANECHOIS, Firdhauz Asyraft says, "It's nice to have a space for us as a band to spend time writing the whole day, without getting too conscious about the time and money spent in the jamming studio. There's also a pool table outside the practice space if we needed a short break from writing."

Participating artists Adeline Kueh, Khairuddin Hori, Kray Chen, Liana Yang, Malvina Tan, Mojoko, Shawn Lim will be exhibiting their work in the occupied spaces over the month, with the support of creative collectives Statement, Fhage, DCNSTRCT, Canopus Distro, and DUNCE. 

We ventured into the building and explored the spaces that have been occupied. Dark drapes, heavy timber flooring and seats with crushed velvet upholstery - it looks like the KTV decor is here to stay. 

The first of The KTV Takeover series of shows kicks off tomorrow with a bunch of acts taking over the glass-floored stage. We're curious to see how bands such as False Plaintiff and 7nightsatsea will fare on the KTV dancefloor! 

Happening tomorrow: The KTV Takeover Series 1

Here's a glimpse of the insides of this creative cavern. 

All pictures shot with a Nikon D610, courtesy of Nikon Singapore