Quest to reconnect with Joss Stone for "So Amazing"

Quest to reconnect with Joss Stone for "So Amazing"

Following their first jam during the Malasimbo Festival in 2013,  our very own Quest and UK's Joss Stone will team up once again to record their much-awaited collaboration, 'So Amazing.' The song is one of the new additions to the digital version of Quest's second album, Life of A Champion.

Independently released last November, Life of A Champion aims to be the "soundtrack of the modern day winner [in] us."

“I want this album to find its way into your days," claims Quest. "There are days when you celebrate, days where life leaves you broken, days when you heal and get back on your feet. These are emotions you will feel while listening to this album.”

The singer-songwriter's sophomore album has sold over 3,000 copies and has produced hit singles, such as 'Higher', 'Sige Lang' and 'No Greater Love' featuring Clara Benin. The album also features tracks recorded with much-loved artists from the scene, such as Rak of Aegis' Aicelle Santos in 'Kalawakan', Juliane Tarroja in 'Digmaan' and Reese Lansangan in Paborito.

With Warner Music as his new partner for the digital distribution of the album, Quest looks forward to "exciting times ahead." Joining 'So Amazing' in the roster of new songs are 'Better Days' produced by The Chrizo and tear-jerking 'Walang Hanggan'. Quest is also working on Underdog Season, an independent nationwide tour with scheduled stops in Davao, CDO, Bacolod, Cebu, Batangas and a few more cities.

Excited about this? Sample the highly anticipated Quest-and-Joss collaboration by watching their 2013 team-up here: