Realm's debut EP is a menacing mix of metal, hardcore and industrial – listen

Realm's debut EP is a menacing mix of metal, hardcore and industrial – listen

Last Friday, hardcore band Realm dropped their debut EP, Whispers of Death Lurks.

It's not our first time talking about the metalcore group: in fact, we featured them in our article on six up-and-coming hardcore bands in Singapore. Realm is almost a super-group of sorts within the hardcore scene, comprising members from Exhibitors, The Parallax Error, Tides, State of Pain and False Plaintiff

Whispers Of Death Lurks is well produced down to every last detail, from the eerie whispers to the peculiar but pleasant guitar riffs. Experimenting with noise and playing with time signatures, the band's unprecedented sound is noisy and unapologetic. It's obvious that they know what they're doing and the sound that they're going for, and that's where the members' experiences in other musical groups shine through.

Kicking it off with the abrasive 'Open the Gates', the band quickly moves on to the pounding self-titled track, 'Realm'. Unconventional riffs backed by heavy drums and topped with atmospheric noise, the songs in the EP are reminiscent of early On Broken Wings.

The rest of the tracks in the EP live up to expectations, especially 'Torture', where the play on time signatures is particularly apparent. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Aeonix Productions, the EP is gripping, fresh and worth a listen. 

Stream 'Whispers Of Death Lurks' here:

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