Rebirth: A new beginning for Identité

Years ago when the idea for Identite was first crafted, it started out as a theory, concept, and a brand but it has now evolved to become something so much more important - a music community. Weekly Friday nights would mean a trip to Home Club for a showcase of local music across varying genres. Under the Rockstar Collective (RSC) brand, Identite has flourished through the years to become what it is today, a celebration of the underground music scene in Singapore. 

Says Razi Razak, founder of RSC, "This show is to celebrate The RSC's existence by having 10 bands to represent the 10 years of The RSC working hand in hand with Home Club. This 130th Identite show will also for the first time that Crüe, one of the brands under the RSC umbrella, will be curating a programme." 

But there is more, Identite will also be looking for a new home as RSC is looking to expand beyond Home Club. "The question is not why but how are we going to have that consistency and sustainability in reacting to a new place, if there is any and how do we go about it. Identite will still be around in fact i would like to think that we are expanding to other spaces. In fact we do have exciting new projects coming up in the next couple of months. Our future will exist along with the other brands of The RSC, Statement, Canopus Distro, Crüe, Dunce, Dcnstrtct and Fhage and there will be a couple more." Razi explains. 

The future of Identite is quite clear - that it is here to stay. Razi asserts, "There must not be a vacuum. There must not be a void. It must be the melodica. It must communicate with and about music. It must not be the end. How could it not be? We still have a responsibility to fulfil."

REBIRTH: 10 Bands / 10 Years

"Identite is where our collective met each other; all like-minded individuals who felt strongly about taking the local music and arts scene to the next level. As Crüe, we've always been about challenging the boundaries between music and art, and only with the expansion of Identite into another physical space can we fully flesh out our concepts into reality. 

This show is going to be quite a special one as we got each of the bands to perform a cover of another Identité alumni as a tribute to all the bands who've graced the stage at Home Club on those nights."   

"Home Club has been a home ground for many bands in Singapore and it was a place that never ignored bands that were looking for opportunities to perform, especially with Identite as a platform. It is one of the few places that I just never get sick of playing at."
Adel Rashid, Pleasantry / ex-Amateur Takes Control 

"Personally, Identite is a platform for local bands to start from because they are very open no matter what kind of genre. There is no judging of each other's work, just respect and appreciation. Because it is a platform, everyone gets to know everyone in the music scene - creating a support network for all. Razi and Amir have always been a father figure in the music scene and I really look up to them." 
Juhardi Mohamed, DUNCE.