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Just look at this slew of gigs and concerts in Singapore! The past few weeks were chock full of music announcements that made a lot of people very happy. Whoever said Singapore is boring?! From heart throb crooner Bruno Mars to the wispy trio Au Revoir Simone, from the English songstress Ellie Goulding to hardcore acts like Rob Zombie - there really is something for everyone. So start blocking out those dates, and you better start buying your tickets fast!

Upcoming Gig Picks On Bandwagon

Hostess Club Weekender

A top class lineup, Hostess Club Weekender curated by the Hostess Asia has got us very excited about next year. The National returns to Singapore this time with the talented King Krule, cinematic Mogwai, Iceland's 'Bon Iver' Asgeir and folk experimental duo Buke and Gase. Also, it's nice to return to Fort Canning for festivals, it has been a while!

Hostess Club Weekender Special: Interview with Mogwai

Mosaic Music Festival 2014

10 days of non-stop concerts from music-makers around the globe. Mosaic Music Festival is at it's 10th successful edition but will cease after this year. To celebrate 10 years of great music, they're bringing in quite the number of must-see acts this year. A bunch of acts, we're looking forward to seeing are post-rock outfit Caspian, singer-songwriter Olafur Arnaulds and our very own Charlie Lim!

Poptart turns 9 with Au Revoir Simone

It's not goodbye with dreamy synth-pop trio Au Revoir Simone as they return to Singapore for Poptart's 9th Anniversary. As always, they'll bring to the showcase their brand of idyllic and infectious bittersweet songs. With the release of Move In Spectrums last year, expect to hear the new collection of songs, also keeping true to the home-made charm which defined their earlier work.

And So I Watch You From Afar

While keeping at bay the typical tropes of the genres, the band has spawned a discography that is equally intriguing and absolutely fun to listen to. Putting aside their skills in the studio, this Irish quartet has been making big waves worldwide on the road. Their live shows have been known to be especially frenetic and brimming of energy, captivating fans as far as the US and China. We’re insanely happy that they’re finally making their way down here, thanks to KittyWu Records. 

Set Guitars To Kill: Interview With ASIWYFA

Empire Of The Sun 

This electronic duo from Sydney have been making waves in the festival circuit with their colourful and lively performances. Never one to shy away from the dramatic and theatrical, they bring onstage their infectious energy and elaborate costumes. You can be sure that they'll bring to live and amplify the grandiose visuals and backstory you get from their albums. 

Michael Learns To Rock

Did You Know: The 'Michael' in the band name refers to Michael Jackson? One for the old timers, Michael Learns To Rock Live in Singapore will be a night of nostalgia for many. Don't lie, you do know all the lyrics to their songs like '25 Minutes', 'Sleeping Child', 'Paint My Love', 'The Actor' and so forth. So how about a real time karaoke session? 

Midnight Shift Reprise: Redshape

Returning to Singapore is the man in the red mask, which he keeps on at all times. Having already impressed many the last time he was here in 2012, this newcomer in the techno scene combines his timeless, rugged brand of Detroit-style electronics with a leaning towards cinematic aesthetics. You can expect a rocking live set, just don't expect him to remove that mask. 


Yuna, the singer of several sweet pop tunes has never strayed from the highly romantic. Returning with new album Nocturnal, Yuna will be performing a mix of new tunes and all-time favourites. With every one of her songs sounding like it should be played over triumphant kisses in the final scenes of a cinematic romance, you should definitely play out that moment with your date.

Bandwagon Guest List: Yuna

Singapore International Jazz Festival

Held at the Grand Theatre and various locations at Marina Bay Sands over a course of four days, we will see a multitude of international jazz stars such as Jamie Cullum, Natalie Cole, The Earth Wind & Fire, Allen Stone, and more alongside the cream of local and regional talent such as 'King of Swing' Jeremy Monteiro, Melissa Tham and Alemay Fernandez. 

Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade have really staked their claim as one of the heavyweights in modern pop punk music. For long time fans, their latest offering Monsters In The Closet will appease everyone everywhere, hardly straying from the sound that their fans have come to love them for, through the years. Punchy choruses and music to sing along aloud to, join the parade! 

Taking Back Sunday

Who could ever forget Taking Back Sunday from their yesteryears? Albums like Tell All Your Friends and Where You Want to Be were instrumental in our early music formative years, and to be honest, we still listen to them sometimes. Older, maturer and armed with an upcoming album Happiness Is, it'll surely be a nostalgia-laden trip in their show at *Scape The Ground Theatre.

Singapore Rock Festival 

Four of the hardest and heaviest rock bands join forces for two nights for an amazing and electrifyingly head banging bill, thanks to LAMC Productions. Long time hard rock heavyweights Rob Zombie and Korn will be joined by Black Veil Brides and Five Finger Punch on the first night, while Alice In Chains, Alter Bridge and Newsted will be bringing it all down on the second

Paul Di'Anno

Metal fans worth their salt should know of Mr. Di'Anno, the original vocalist of the biggest metal band in the world - Iron Maiden! Famous for belting out vocals in metal mainstays such as 'Phantom Of The Opera', 'Wrathchild' and more, no doubt he'll be performing the classics live in his performance at Hard Rock Cafe with local band Suicide Solution. 

White Lies

Hailed as the next 'Great White Indie Hope', White Lies returns to Singapore and this time they're not just playing an exclusive invite-only gig (re: that whole #THISISBRIT marketing stint last year). The English trio will be dropping by The Coliseum for a night of post-punk and quite danceable indie rock thanks to Midas Promotions.

Ellie Goulding

The sensational Ellie Goulding returns to Singapore this June, even though she played to a sold out show at The Esplanade Concert Hall in February last year. Nothing to complain about though - she's a complete joy to watch live on stage. If you missed out on her previous show, be sure to catch her at The Star Theatre on June 13!  

-M- (Matthieu Chedid)

French rockstar Matthieu Chedid is set to perform live in Singapore for the first time, bringing his electrifying guitar sound, eccentric style and highly infectious energy to the Kallang Theatre on March 16, thanks to Figure8 Agency. The talented multi-instrumentalist is famous for his recording of the song "Belleville Rendez-vous" from the brilliant animated film 'The Triplets Of Belleville' and with his latest album Îl, it'll be a whole new experience for live music fans here. 

Bruno Mars

It's the much anticipated arrival of massively popular popstar Bruno Mars! Seems like almost every one of his hits has made it to our consciousness in some way or another so his first concert here would most probably be one of the biggest events of 2014. Get your dancing shoes out, it's going to be one helluva night.


Electronic ambient music at its best, Will Wiesenfeld, more commonly known as Baths rise to fame was due to his debut Cerulean which was an array of peppy and bright pop tunes. On his sophomore release however, Wiesenfeld dabbled in the languorous and morbid, but this darker change in style brought about more acclaim from sites like Pitchfork and The Quietus. Truly a versatile performer, Baths is one show you ought to catch.


Remember Laneway circa 2011? When English indie rock band Foals began on 'Spanish Sahara' and it was raining lightly, and it was on the cusp of dusk... we still reminisce about it and get the chills. Now it's 2014 and they'll be back again on our lands. With 2013 seeing the release of Holy Fire, we're pretty stoked to hear the heavier and darker new material. Thanks to Symmetry Entertainment, Foals will be storming the stage again on March 1.


They're a gripping blend of J-pop's melodic catchiness, math-rock's playful offbeat complexity, and at times, the urgent aggression of post-hardcore; Japanese math-rock darlings tricot will be playing live at Home Club in March, thanks to KittyWu Records! If you're a huge fan of astounding Japanese alt music like us, this gig is not to be missed. 

Girl Power: Tricot Live In Singapore


The collaboration between Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington - Darkside - generated ripples across the music airwaves with their critically acclaimed debut Psychic, a hypnotically groovy album which pleasantly surprised everyone. They'll be playing live at *Scape The Ground Theatre on April 6, thanks to The Gathering.