5 Records I Want For Record Store Day, according to Kiss92's Joshua Simon

5 Records I Want For Record Store Day, according to Kiss92's Joshua Simon

Record Store Day presents an array of exclusive titles every year, and every wantlist is usually unique. Instead of merely listing out the records to get, we've roped in some fellow music nerds and record collectors to talk about the records they want to get from 2016's Record Store Day.

Joshua Simon, current DJ at radio station Kiss92, is unabashed in his love for music and vinyl records, and his fanaticism and vivacious personality has made him a mainstay in Singaporean radio.

But when asked to describe his collection in five words, he readily admits, "My parents don't understand me." We know that feel.

Justin Bieber | Purpose

Because it’s totally okay now to say you listen to Justin Bieber.

That’s right, when there’s new Bowie and Biggie LPs coming out and you can only pick 5 for your list — psshhh, save a spot for the Biebs.


Emmylou Harris | Wrecking Ball

An album I play when either I’m at the airport, or about to take off. Keeps me calm, hopeful, looking forward.


Outkast | 'Elevators (Me & You)'

This is my 2am-and-I’m-sitting-on-the-playground-swing song. My I-can’t-sleep-but-I’m-in-no-mood-for-a-conversation-about-career-either song.

Now I just gotta bring my turntable down to the slide.


Clint Mansell | Requiem For A Dream OST

Yay! I love Christmas music!


Lush | Origami

I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to afford this, but if this is a wish list or should I say... a hint-hint-buy4mebandwagonpls, this is way up there. I listened to Lush a lot while studying for my O’s.

Loud enough to make my classroom peripheral, but also not chaotic enough to distract me from memorising the periodic table. I don’t know for sure if this was their inspiration, but their music has this soundtrack-of-a-teen-slasher vibe to it. Ah, see why I listened to it in school?


Simon, pictured with part of his vinyl collection.

For this year's Record Store Day in Singapore, Vinylicious Records and The Analog Vault will be bringing in a limited amount of exclusive titles from the official RSD catalogue.

Stand a chance to win a Bandwagon goody bag with vinyl, CD and merch (worth $150) when you purchase RSD titles from either store and sign up for our mailing list there.