Red Herrings: An Exhibition of Music on Canvas

It's not easy being a musician, spending hours mastering your craft and getting better at songwriting. But to venture out and tackle other disciplines requires...well, discipline. We all know a lot of local musicians by their songs and musical skill so the Museum of Independent Music (MOIM) is offering a chance to see these musicians express themselves in a completely different medium. 

Presenting Red Herrings, an exhibition of works by an array of local artists of different genres, all united by a determination for artistic expression that defies the boundaries that surround their primary medium. According to the museum it "presents the visual arts of these musicians and artist in a different light, giving us the opportunities to consider their multi-faceted approach in the inception of creative endeavours which very often crosses the boundary of disciplines. These works extend well beyond their purposes as devices of information, into the realm of genre interpretations and even at times, becoming inspiration to music making."

While references to the artist's music may or may not be featured in their artistic works, it seems clear that these artists have been hungering for an exhibition like this. With an impressive and lengthy list of artists to boot, it features prominent illustrators like Arif Rot (vocalist of Wormrot) to Zahir Sanosi aka Kilas (I Am David Sparkle/Satan) along with established graphic designer Djohan Johari (I Am David Sparkle), art connoisseur Yen Hui Teng (Ellipsis), illustrator Marcus Lim (The Sets Band) and more folks of the multi-disciplinary order.

In conjunction with A Whispering Campaign, a non-commercial and community-based project, Red Herrings is currently open for viewing at the Museum of Independent Music, Singapore (located at 1B Aliwal Street) from 11am to 6pm until 24 December 2014. Take a look at our feature on the people behind the museum itself and they intend on impacting the landscape of Singapore's independent music scene.