Red Light Special: Matteblacc throws a secret pop-up party

Red Light Special: Matteblacc throws a secret pop-up party

Matteblacc have teamed up with Bullet PR (known as Blaccsmith with their powers combined) to bring you a hush-hush pop-up party at a secret location this Friday. And in an age when Facebook event pages are constantly drowning our news feeds, this organic little shindig feels mighty refreshing to be honest. No fuss, no muss - just an off the beaten path party with no cover charge, affordable drinks and a whole host of great DJs providing good music till the wee hours.

Featuring stellar underground names like Borhead (The Reef), The LFK (sub.lime) and Just-Not-Right aka DJ JNR (Tech Quiero) alongside the magical Mugic Soundsystem crew made up of Kentaro, Dang and Uly - you know you'll be in for a good time in between all that boogie, techno and house. Just upfront and underground music all night long.

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The event starts early (7pm to be exact) but will go on till late and is invite-only. Oh and do remember to bring cold hard cash because the bar doesn't accept cards. 

RSVP here for your complimentary single-entry invite. The venue is somewhere along the Chinatown Cocktail Bar District, and that's all we can tell you until you register. But if you're having trouble finding the location, just text 97481775 for help.​