Red Velvet performed for Kim Jong-Un in North Korea and their fans had thoughts

Red Velvet performed for Kim Jong-Un in North Korea and their fans had thoughts

The world's eyes were on North Korea last weekend as a 160-member art troupe from South Korea flew over for a series of concerts as part of the two countries' ongoing diplomatic efforts, making this the first time in 13 years that South Korean artists performed in the North.

Besides veteran singer Cho Yong-pil, former member of Girls Generation Seohyun and ballad singer Baek Ji-young, K-Pop girl group Red Velvet was among those sent to the country to perform. 

Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un reportedly made time to catch Red Velvet's performance, which took place on 1 April.

“There had been interest in whether I would come and see Red Velvet,” Kim said, according to the Asia Times. “I had initially planned to attend a performance the day after tomorrow but I came here today after adjusting my schedule.”

The members of Red Velvet viewed their performance positively as well. As Soompi reported, Yeri, the youngest member of the group, explained, "They clapped a lot louder for us than I thought they would, and sang along as well. I felt a lot less nervous because of that." Vocalist of the group, Wendy, stated that the audience in North Korea "displayed a lot of positive reactions"; leader of the group, Irene, further added that the audience "smiled and clapped" for the group when they were running out of breath. 

However, fans of the group have had mixed reactions following the performance. While some feared Red Velvet might suffer consequences from having represented their country in North Korea, others were proud that the group was chosen as not only a representative of South Korea, but for K-Pop as well. 

Check out some of the fans' reactions below:

Check out some clips from Red Velvet's performance in Pyongyang, North Korea and their interview following their performance: