Roll Call with Reese Lansangan

Roll Call with Reese Lansangan
Reese Lansangan's Instagram feed features a well-curated grid of artwork, travels, gigs, OOTDs, snippets of her vlogs, sneak peeks of new merch, and teasers of new material. In the first edition of our new Roll Call series, the singer-songwriter answers a few random questions with photos from her camera roll. 

What did you do on your last holiday?

I went on a very quick weekend trip to Palawan with my family and relatives from the States. It was my first time, but since we only had a weekend, we were only able to visit Puerto Princesa."

The funny and amazing thing about it was I got to do an impromptu meet and greet at Mang Inasal + our hotel lobby the day before I had to leave. I tweeted a photo of me in a famous restaurant in Puerto Princesa and some people were asking if they could see me. I figured WHY NOT, and I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to play a gig over there. I thought two or three people would come by, but it ended up being a legitimate thing. A local band even played their original song for me, then I sang Exploration No. 5 for them after :)

What's the one thing you can't live without?
I guess aside from the obvious which is music / making music, it's my BOOKS. I love learning and am highly dependent on my books for entertainment and ~*~ knowledge acquisition ~*~ , shall we say haha. I also collect art books and graphic novels + source material related to Disney and Harry Potter among many others. This is one of my many bookshelves at home.

Show us your most recent OOTD.

This is not really a legitimate OOTD but it was taken by my sister at a souvenir shop in Palawan. We saw some colored sunnies and she asked me to pose for her with them on. 

What's the last selfie you took?

With my manager, Jmi (taken last Sunday). We had an early call time so after soundcheck, we rested in a room at Solaire while waiting for my set (I played for a fan's debut). 

What's the last screenshot you took?
I was practicing my "sketching skills" yesterday and of course, I used my own photo as a reference. Here's the final product!

Who are your favourite people in the world?
My family. I love it when we all get to take a break from the real world by traveling. We're all more laid back and agreeable haha! I'm also really close with my sister - she's one of my best friends.

Show us a bad photo of a good meal.
A delightful slice of Nudel Gratin (baked macaroni and cheese custard) + pretzel from the Germany Pavilion at Walt Disney World's Epcot. Don't be fooled by its plain exterior (it also kind of looks like mashed potato with a crust, doesn't it?). The cheesy, crunchy, oily goodness reveals itself after one bite. 

What's your favourite beauty product? What are your makeup essentials?
My favorite beauty product would be colorful eyeshadow, though. Here's an eyeshadow single that's been heavily used since the day of purchase.
My makeup essentials would be: 
1) eyebrow pencil (with spoolie)
2) eyeliner
3) mascara
4) lip and cheek tint
Most of the time, I'm rushing to the car and I forget to put on makeup so in my bag, I always carry around a small pouch with these products. 

Last album you bought.

My bandmate Vica's Dear Universe EP. It is AMAZING.  

Reese Lansangan is set to perform in a back-to-back concert with Tom's Story on June 15 for Mix 1.1 of Karpos Live. Get tickets here.