Reese Lansangan takes the #ArigatoInternetHunt to Fully Booked stores

Reese Lansangan takes the #ArigatoInternetHunt to Fully Booked stores

Singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan is known for her quirky songwriting, sense of style and unique ways of connecting with her fans. Reese first launched the #ArigatoInternetHunt during a holiday trip to New York in 2015, where she hid a copy of her debut album, Arigato, Internet! inside a book - for strangers to find and hide again, so they can pass it on to the next reader/listener. Since then, she has left copies of her album in bookstores located in Shanghai, Taiwan and New Zealand.

For this edition of the #ArigatoInternetHunt, Reese teams up with her "favorite bookstore", Fully Booked for a scavenger book hunt. Reese Reads, a selection of titles curated by Reese Lansangan, may have official merchandise like stickers and postcards hidden inside the pages. The grand prize, in the form of a library card entitles the winner to a copy of her debut album, a limited edition #ArigatoInternetHunt winner’s shirt, a private concert pass for two, and a special edition Reese tote bag. 

The #ArigatoInternetHunt at Fully Booked started today, March 19 and some fans have already gone to the participating branches to try their luck at finding the prized library cards.

Two lucky fans won the grand prize on their first try. 

One fan didn't get a library card but was more than happy to get a new Reese sticker sheet and to read a new book. 

This fan travelled 17 kilometers to get to a Fully Booked branch... and went home with the grand prize. 

Another fan refused to leave it all to chance and took the time to calculate the probability of him winning a prize. Yay, math.

The #ArigatoInternetHunt is happening at the following Fully Booked branches:

UP Town Center

Alabang Town Center


Power Plant

Bonifacio High Street

For more information, click here.

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