Repost: The Poster as an Art Form

Creative magic happens when art turns collaborative. Music and art are collaborative by nature, and musicians have often found inspiration in similar aesthetics aims as visual artists so it is only natural that these two fields have and will continue to merge. 

The popular Identite instalment aims to bring different genres of local bands into a gathering experience. It is a platform for new young talents to go forth and showcase their music, their art. Identite night on Fridays at Home Club represent the love and respect we all have for the local music scene. And to put out word on any good gig in town - that's where the poster comes in. 

The poster as an art form is one of the byproducts of this collaboration with music and art - vivid colours, innovative lettering, imagery that ranges from the sensuous to the bizarre, and an overall visual intensity are the hallmarks of the series of posters from the Identite brand. 

'Repost' presented by Identite, Statement, Home Club, Kult and Fhage is a collaborative project to condense and give prominence to the posters of Identite. According to Hafiz Zahid from Identite, "Visual art has played an integral part in music and knowing that Identite has always been a platform for our local musicians, we wish to provide a stage for new visual artists to exhibit their works too. These artists were invited of course through friendships that were bond by Identite gigs and their unending passion in the field of the arts."

"The dying art of music posters in our digital generation has since been overlooked rather then its craft. What happens now is that we get posters done and looked over so fast that i believe the art in itself needs to be prolonged hence the decision to create this poster series exhibition. It is a statement that we are making to help the voices of these artists that we are exhibiting heard. We want to show the faces behind these artworks because in all respect, these artists are a part of our local music scene too." 
Razi Razak, founder of Identite

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We also spoke to the artists behind some of these posters on their art, and what music means and the visual arts mean to them.

Djohan Hanapi

My works often feature an unexpected imposition of eroticism that may make our mothers blush. Particularly intriguing to me is how fairy tales have so much macabre and gruesome innuendoes beneath all that purity and innocence depicted; much like how our seemingly functional society is riddled with scum and vermin. Inspired by this incongruity, I weave bondage and sadomasochism into images of all-too-familiar fairytale characters.

Sidd Wills

My work is mostly morbid and related to death, with basic gore elements like guts, brain, blood and more guts. My style is disturbing, or at least I try to be. 

The Identite shows have always put as much focus in their curated line-up as well as their poster artwork, music and visual arts always go hand in hand. They often compliment each other, music without visual arts is like guitars without strings, incomplete.

Ong Lijie

I do a lot of printmaking and drawing, I enjoy intricacy. My posters were executed with the idea of experimenting and having fun with influences deriving from a mix of popular culture like Robert Crumb and Ghost World. The process includes scanning my drawings to digitally color or image collage over.

Just like music videos and album covers... there is something oddly attractive when music and visual arts are on the same page.

Allison Marie Low

My practice involves the analysis of psychological complexities and the articulation of intangible states of being. The idea for this body of work started with seeing cartoon characters in their real lives. Looking at them now with The experiences and circumstances that come with age, simple characters become more complex in nature even though they are presented in the same way as they were when I was a kid. 

As far as i can remember, music and visual art have always been coupled. From album art to posters and event backdrops. I'm not sure visual art is so much important to music as it is part of the culture. 

Repost: Identite Poster Series Exhibition is on from 13-27 February, Kult Gallery, 11 Upper Wilkie Road