Rhxanders shares new 'Is It Real' music video – watch

Rhxanders shares new 'Is It Real' music video – watch

Rhxanders has released the official video of his single 'Is It Real.'

On Thursday (03/21), the Manila-based musician/producer shared the visual for 'Is It Real' from his 2018 EP Questioning Answers, Answering Questions.

Video director Jon Olarte tells Bandwagon that the motivation behind the 'Is It Real' video was spontaneous. "Rich sent a message on Facebook, inquiring about shooting the cover for his EP," Olarte says. "Two days later we were in the middle of the lahar in Zambales."

Rhxanders and Olarte then decided to shoot a video while they were onsite. "I wanted the look of the video to remind people of the internal struggles that creatives can create for themselves, that's why I chose to shoot in somewhat of a desert," Olarte reveals. "The whole [EP] itself was pretty introspective from my opinion, that's why I had clones in them. I guess they could represent the Id, Ego, and Superego."

Rhxanders dropped Questioning Answers, Answering Questions in March 2018.

Watch the video below.

Stream Rhxanders's Questioning Answers / Answering Questions EP below.