Rushing or Dragging: Enrol Into the SingJazz Academy

The upcoming Sing Jazz Festival promises to provide not just great music but also a bit of education too. Introducing the SingJazz Academy — the festival's way of adding to an immersive jazz experience that's enhanced with worthwhile insights and skills. Basically, this is something you shouldn't pass up if you're a budding musician. 

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The Academy aims to organize talks, workshops and masterclasses conducted by the international artists performing at the festival. This year, they also want to get you involved with the SingJazz Youth Big Band — something like the ensembles you saw in Whiplash.

Probably won't go down like this though.


According to the SingJazz Academy, "The SingJazz Youth Big Band is open to all musicians aged 15-30. Participants will have the opportunity to rehearse under the direction of the Academy faculty and perform at the Sing Jazz Festival this year. Students who already perform as part of their schools’ concert bands and jazz ensembles are encouraged to apply." 

Meanwhile, they'll also be organizing Ensemble Workshops — sessions where you can learn heaps of valuable knowledge, all from speakers who've had years or even decades of experience playing music professionally. If you're dying to hone your craft, especially working within an ensemble group, this sounds like an excellent option.

The deadline to apply for the SingJazz Youth Big Band lands right at the start of Chinese New Year on February 19. So for our Chinese musician friends, best to get your application all sorted before you start ironing your traditional outfits. The Ensemble Workshops deadline allows for more bak kwa feasting — February 22's the date for those interested. Find out more details here because don't be lazy. Don't rush or drag, either.