Sano Shimano's Hypesound offers a sensible bridge between music industry pros and corporate clients

Sano Shimano's Hypesound offers a sensible bridge between music industry pros and corporate clients

Many of you already know Sano Shimano as one of the most in-demand Singaporean guitarists in the music scene.

Whether he's leading his group The Good Life Project or sessioning with likes of Linying, Gentle Bones, Sam Rui, Maricelle, Jawn and Akeem Jahat (just to name a few) - Sano's talent and dedication is greatly respected by both fans and his contemporaries.

But beyond just being good at local music game - the prolific musician is now also looking to change it.

As originally reported by TODAY, Sano has started up a brand new agency called Hypesound Co to represent "session musicians, music directors, sound engineers and other production crew members". 

With the intention of providing a convenient means for music professionals to link up with with clients, "such as corporate entities, to perform at live music events, and even record songs or jingles" - Hypesound aims to formalize working practices within the industry.

“Just looking at the statistics, you’ve got so many artistes breaking out and being commercially dominant now, as opposed to a decade ago. These artistes are working in a more professional setting — engaging producers, arrangers, music directors — which pushes me to believe that it is no longer just a scene, but the building stages of an industry.” - Sano Shimano  to TODAY.

As he explains to TODAY, "In order for everything to step up, I feel that everyone who is doing this behind the scenes should have a standard way of working and standard rates."

"For example, if someone comes up to me and says, ‘can you do a four-show tour’, that person would know how much it would cost, straight up. Conversely, if you are a solo artiste breaking out, and you want to go on tour but you don’t know who to call (to play in your band), you can go through my agency,” Sano continues.

From eliminating undercutting to discouraging musicians from playing pro bono - Hypesound's goal is to build a more professional, quality-orientated foundation for the behind-the-scenes aspects of the Singapore music industry.

You can read the full feature on Sano Shimano's Hypesound Co agency here.