Mystery monsters, golden records, and crate-digging Satchlings at Satchmi Vinyl Day 2017

Mystery monsters, golden records, and crate-digging Satchlings at Satchmi Vinyl Day 2017

3 June 2017 marked Satchmi’s fifth Vinyl Day — drawing together a soulful array of both young and old aficionados who thrive on marvelling at beautiful things and unconventional luxuries.

Satchmi owners Ronald Sy, Aislinn Chuahiock, and Edric Chua have released heaps of (figuratively) record-breaking stuff, from the illustrious Motorino record player, to the less bulky Motorino II, to the newer Motorino Mk. III complete with Bluetooth connectivity, to countless vinyl records of all musical genres inscribed in their grooves. The trio and the brand’s success surmises the statement that vinyl records and the turntables they’re played on remain timeless, and the fact that the quirky folks over at Satchmi were able to organize a fifth Vinyl Day, with an increasing number of attendees, a list of musicians willing to play at the event, and more opportunities is a testament to that truth.

The Eye in Green Sun, Makati had the honor of housing Satchmi’s penultimate event—one that commemorates a lifestyle of music, art, and culture. Once you step forth into the indoor venue (a first in a long line of outdoor Vinyl Day celebrations), you’ll be met with dim lights, cold breeze, and an atmosphere that invites us to simply unwind.

The large, sepia-toned expanse was riddled with artists aplenty, selling stickers, paintings, shirts, and other eye-catching merchandise scattered across their tables; food stalls from Soma Bistro, Sushi Nori, and Go! Salads, to name a few, were prepared when the people felt a rumbling in their tummies; and there, by the sides, stood booths that sold the quirkiest of things!

Twelve bands rocked the stage—in the stead of indie/pop quartet We Are Imaginary (the band is currently on hiatus to allow vocalist Ahmad Tanji to focus on his health) was Red Ninja Production’s tenderfoots Over October; jazz group Conscious & the Goodness; hip-hop word wizard NINNO; garage rock band Nanay Mo; instrumentalists Tom’s Story; indie rock outfit Oh, Flamingo!; pop duo Outerhope; indie folk brothers band Ben&Ben; R&B/soul act Jess Connelly; Cheats, who turned out to be Satchmi Vinyl Day’s #MysteryMonsters; soul/jazz band Apartel; and Ang Bandang Shirley.

Overall, Satchmi’s fifth Vinyl Day succeeded in bringing about the message of their brand—that there is room for uncommon luxuries even in these trying times, and that music from whatever era and in whatever form, is and will forever be society’s glue—in one exciting, memorable night.

Here’s to Satchmi Vinyl Day 2018!

Vinyl Day is an annual event by Satchmi.