Experience music in Germany with the Sennheiser Sound Heroes - contest

Experience music in Germany with the Sennheiser Sound Heroes - contest

What's on your playlist for this day?

Anyone who's everyone would know that life is made more colorful with the right songs. Every day, we go on a journey that is made more magical when we put on our headphones, hit play and just get lost in our own worlds as we explore the one around us. 

Through our playlists, we are given the chance to score each and every one of the scenes in your very own motion pictures. We curate the tunes that define our moments, and that have the power to take us back to  particular times of our lives. With the music that we choose to compile together, we document who we are and what we experience, giving us a small library of both memories and dreams that might as well be the definition of our souls.

This experience is no different for the Philippines'  Sennheiser Sound Heroes. Just like the sound heroes from Singapore, these twelve digitally savvy Filipino creatives love music and celebrate their daily musical journey — a journey that will take them all the way to Germany really soon. What's more, one lucky individual gets a chance to join them on that trip!

Before you get all excited about that, though, get to know some of the Sennheiser Sound Heroes - bloggers, vloggers, photographers, videographers, singers, actors, lifestyle influencers, party/TV hosts, and radio DJs whom you might go on that coveted trip with through their very own, specially-curated playlists. Check them out below:

Ira Denise Oyco

Lifestyle / Fashion Blogger

I have this deep insaaane love for old and classic music which relates to why I love everything in vintage style. I also feel like I was really born in the wrong era.

Jazmin Reyes

Radio DJ / TV Host

These are music you can gear up / get ready to for a normal or special occasion. With an age inclusive playlist like this, everyone is sure to enjoy it no matter what era you were born into!

Jay Gonzaga

Singer/ TV, Film, Theatre Actor

Workouts are a big part of my lifestyle. Here's a sample of some songs that make every gym session a great one for me."

Marga Bermudez

Party Emcee

This is basically a compilation of feel good tracks ready to put you in that good “good kind of mood” mood. These are songs that remind me to be in a better light when things seem to be all over the place. I hope my shirt short drive playlist hits the spot to put you in a good place.

Dannie Farmer

Singer / Radio DJ & Program Director

If you take a glance at this list, you can see that these songs and artists span over 4 decades. I wanted to show my personality in this playlist and let you get a chance to see who and what I grew up listening to. These are some of the pillars in my music world: Marvin Gaye to Eminem, Tupac to Nirvana, Usher and Prince, etc. These particular songs all carry deep meaning and lyricism, which I am very peculiar of. The emotions, the stories they tell, the impact these people had, they tapped into my soul and I would love for you to listen and hopefully feel the same things I felt when I first heard these gems.

Issa Pressman

YouTuber / Social Media Influencer

Yuna, my personal favorite artist, is featured prominently in the playlist. The lyrics of 'Lights & Camera' means so much to me. It's a reminder that I should remain grounded and never blinded by overwhelming light. Her song, 'Fading Flower', talks about seeing real beauty, being natural and standing for what's real and that even such a physically beautiful looking flower fades.

Magic Liwanag

Concert / Event Photographer

These songs jumpstart my mornings. I can count on them to always set a stress-free tone to my day. Whether I’m off to a shoot, out for a meeting or just at home editing, they put me in a creative state of mind. No matter how my day ends, I start my day with this playlist so I can at least start on a good note, so to speak.

Rhea Bue

PR & Marketing Junkie / YouTuber

This is my secret playlist that includes beats to make me calm when I'm in stress or having one of those days. This playlist is a mix of RnB and indie music. Since I spend most of my time working on different contents for brands, this playlist helps me focus more.  

Maqui Castelo

YouTuber / Filmmaker / Photographer / YouTuber

These songs feature vocals and melodies that are smooth and easy on the ears. Perfect for accompanying me on a daily drive and commute. I'm very chill so I like singing along to songs that make me feel like I'm just going with the flow of everyday life; especially those that feature dynamic acoustic guitar tracks.

Cha Ocampo

Lifestyle Influencer / Blogger

A random mix of indie pop and rock with a bit of Hawaiian and folk tunes that cures my anxiety. This is my go-to playlist when I travel, do errands, work, or even when I do absolutely nothing. It contains chill and optimistic beats that cures every heavy soul.

Khalil Ramos

Singer / Actor

These are my all-time favourite songs to rock out to. Perfect for all kinds of moods! 

From now until 28 February 2018, you also have a chance to join the Sennheiser Sound Heroes on their adventures in Germany. Sennheiser is sending one lucky fan from the Philippines on a trip to Germany with their Sound Heroes! 

Want to travel to Germany with the Sennheiser Sound Heroes?

Purchase any Sennheiser product and get a chance to win an all-expenses-paid* trip to Germany with the Sennheiser Sound Heroes in 2018!

*Terms & Conditions apply.

One lucky winner will be hosted to go on a 5D4N trip to Germany with the Sennheiser Sound Heroes, to visit the Sennheiser Factory and Headquarters in Hanover, and experience the flagship store in Berlin.

Raffle period: 9 November 2017 – 28 February 2018

How to qualify:

1. Simply spend a minimum PHP 1,000 at any authorized Sennheiser retailer in the Philippines. A full list of eligible products for entry submission can be found here.

2. Submit a copy of your purchase receipt along with the details of your purchase in the form below.

3. Every valid PHP 1,000 spent on Sennheiser products entitles you to one chance at the raffle.

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