Serena D.C.'s Janus-Faced cradles us between excitement and self-doubt — listen

Serena D.C.'s Janus-Faced cradles us between excitement and self-doubt — listen

The internet is always brewing with news for everyone to sink their teeth in. Whether it’s a fresh face on Soundcloud or Bandcamp, or an underrated artist we’ve been admiring for a while, we’ve discovered a hint of magic in every dusty crevice we shed light on.

While some folks are out there having a hot cup of coffee, Serena D.C. dropped a beat tape entitled Janus-Faced. It’s packed with surrealism and a transcendent rhythm, which can be expected from the superb roster of NOFACE RECORDS. Let’s take a closer look, or listen rather, to unwrap some bits and pieces of this collection.

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One of the best things about electronic music is that it cradles our soft and hard feelings on a tightrope with its complex structure. 'Carreon' starts off slowly, similar to entering a room while trying to keep your cool despite the overwhelming amount of expectations you have in mind. In contrast, this certain style of keeping the first track calm reminds me how Ta-Ku maintained his own branding with Songs to Break Up To until Songs to Make Up To. 'Beginning To End' and 'Hopeful' both carry different messages, but maintain that special mood at the start of the tape: welcoming a whole new idea with a hint of hesitation.

'Linger' comes up next and sets the mood to another level. It’s somehow similar to first part of Undertale, where the main character meets Toriel and learns the basic actions needed to complete all the quests. It sounds like a trip through a misty swamp, wrapping you with both excitement and an ounce of anxiety.

'Carrera' is definitely the “peak track” of this beat tape. This track needs an extended release. There’s sense of redemption it unravels at 0:51 which gives the collection a refined form until we get dragged back to reality at 1:43. It also makes a smooth trail transitioning to the eccentric rhythm of 'Polyol'. On another note, 'Polyol' sounds like the kind of track that would physically bounce from wall to wall in its concrete form, if it ever attains one.

Janus-Faced floats to a deeper perspective with 'Marine' and 'Testarossa'. They collectively remind me of Abstrakt Idea’s Nostalgic Night Time, with less jazz in the mix. 'Testarossa' specifically gives me goosebumps with its eerie yet satisfying tune.

The entire collection caps with an incontestable winner entitled MiniSKRRT. It circuits around a play on K-Pop girl group AOA’s Miniskirt with subtle hints of twisting and turning R&B, soul, and captivating electronic beats. As enjoyable as K-pop music can be, blending it with a tune that’s fueled with rhythmic charm amplifies it to an exceptional quality.

True to its core definition, Janus-Faced draws us to take a peek of the future while reeling us back to the past. It’s constructed with a vibrant and desaturated palette of reality, with hints of hip hop and R&B influences here and there. Certainly, we’re looking forward to the next tracks Serena D.C. sets on our plate.

Serena D.C.’s Janus-Faced was released on March 24, 2017 under NOFACE RECORDS. Buy it here.