Sezairi releases Undertones EP featuring new song, 'She Moves'

Sezairi releases Undertones EP featuring new song, 'She Moves'


In a solo career that has outlived the hype of being a Singapore Idol, Sezairi has demonstrated his understanding of what makes music pop with a chameleonic verve and grace. His string of singles, including ‘In Secret’ and the panoramic technicolour synth-pop of ‘Mirage’, is testament to the raw essence of the most beloved type of music on the spectrum. Now, he's tying it all together on his latest EP, Undertones, which features a new song, 'She Moves'. 

'She Moves' follows in the same vein as 'Mirage' and 'In Secret', and is the kind of song that you'd subconsciously be listening to on a bright sunny day, while talking a leisurely stroll around town, feeling good.

The catchy melodies and smooth rhythm will have you snapping your fingers in no time. Alongside its overall pop sound, Sezairi also seamlessly weaves in R&B elements, resulting in a song has the chirp and pep that you'd expect from a pop bop but with the additional twist that will bring you to your feet. 

Stream Sezairi's Undertones EP below.