Shadow Moses claims heir to the throne of nerdscape shenanigans

Shadow Moses claims heir to the throne of nerdscape shenanigans

The digital age has dominated the current generation through every angle. There’s a platform for every necessity; whether it’s what keeps you up-to-date with the latest trends, or resurfaces a new breed of culture only to be found by the attentive audience. Geek culture itself lives beyond the couch potato-embellished portrait. As pop culture has generated every reaction photo to associate our daily lives, people outside the fanbase dig deeper to find themselves creating a fellowship with a certain ring. This doesn’t go far from the music industry, some of us still know Puffy Amiyumi’s Teen Titans song by heart. But the range isn’t limited to comic conventions and online forums, geekdom has entangled itself with the traps of hip hop enough to detonate the jargon barriers of one interest to another.

This is where nerdcore hip-hop steps in to finally bridge the gap between raving about Childish Gambino and squealing over a leaked video of Deadpool during an early screen test. The early 2000s have welcomed potent acts which contributed quips that make the tech-savvy, comically insane, and pop culture eccentric tingle inside. “The Apes rule the Earth. Vader's poppa to Luke. Brad Pitt and Ed Norton are obviously two people, but they've got to share one character.”, from MC Frontalot’s Spoiler Alert which is a solid example of nerdcore hip hop associating highlights of well-known films with a kick of an infectious hazy drum beat featuring a soft touch of Molly Hager’s vocals. A long line of artists began spawning such as Optimus Rhyme, YTCracker, and Marvel-induced Adam WarRock.

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A couple of gamers met at a board game café and started raving about hip hop. The group is comprised of a legend, a protégé turned prodigy, and this beatmaker that intertwines an instrumental track enough to stick to your brain. This is Shadow Moses. And yes, they're a Metal Gear Solid reference embodied by three talented musicians with their impregnable passion for fruitful discussions on which Star Wars sequel is the best.

They comprise of Chyrho, Ninno, and Six The Northstar. Each with a critically-acclaimed mark on the Filipino music scene, Shadow Moses holds the holy grail of being a definite game changer. Chryho (namely Victor Prieto) comes back from his roots in the powerhouse hip hop collective, AMPON. He also runs The Apparaisery, a board game cafe located at the heart of Cubao X. Ninno is a solo rap artist chiming along with Logiclub, and has also released his debut LP Third Culture Kid earlier this year. Six, who’s in charge of the fluctuating range of old school beats, has claimed his own piece of the pie having worked in a multitude of projects such as Archon Akeenz, MDK, and Secret Invasion. He also recently showcased his blend of beatmaking chops for his collection SixTrueMentals Vol.1. This group was a work in progress by fate not too long ago. There’s Chyrho with his board game cafe and Ninno’s own piece Franklin Richards. It was only the nick of time until they met halfway and formed a trio of rap vigilantes that catapult classic hip hop to the space of millennial taste.


It’s the adept wordplay that constructs the lyrical playground. There are no limits in terms of structure and delivery. There’s tactical assault in an orchestral manner with every witty rebuttal or self-proclamation of their own legitimacy. Their first single, Remember The Titans, that welcomes all sorts of gods in our universe. They’re not heroes, but they’re not villains either. True to their organic admiration for science fiction and video games, the track captures superficial substance of superior references. To name a few, there’s a cunning human wizard from Magic The Gathering and a Jedi Master that behold intelligence in a time of political failure --- which were both perceived to wield a weapon of powerful strength. It goes on with more riveting features that retraces steps back to the land of Albion (in the sequel), and where Ninno acclaims Six as the righteous savior of his own Divine Comedy. It’s all well-calculated in the amount of steady beats, even the slow-pacing intro that resembles any cliché entrance scene that presents the forthcoming of a higher power.

These boys aren’t fooling around, but there’s an essential weight of enjoyment with their live performances. With their up and coming debut EP Expansion Pack, pop culture enthusiasts and hip hop fans alike are in for the anthem of their mental dreamscape.

Listen to Shadow Moses' Expansion Pack:

Shadow Moses' debut EP entitled Expansion Pack is out now on ITunes and Spotify