Shigeto to play debut show in Singapore in May

Shigeto to play debut show in Singapore in May

American electronic producer Shigeto is scheduled to perform in Singapore for the first time in May. 

Kilo Lounge and Collective Minds are bringing us yet another stellar show in Shigeto (real name Zachary Saginaw), a producer who blends jazz, hip-hop and electronic, resulting in a unique culmination of sounds. 

Shigeto's earlier works mined the emotion of personal events – like his grandmother's experiences at a US internment camp, which he explored through ambient, beat-driven tracks in which he sampled her voice. Since then, each EP and record Shigeto has released has seen changes in style, showcasing his evolution through the years. His latest, critically acclaimed album, The New Monday, was released last year.

Shigeto is set to perform in Singapore on 17 May at Kilo Lounge. Tickets are now on sale with Early Bird passes going for S$30, while Advanced tickets are available for S$40. Tickets at the door will cost S$50. Get your tickets here

Listen to 'Barry White' by Shigeto ft. ZelooperZ: