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SHINE Festival returns beaming with new initiatives and 2017 line-up

SHINE Festival returns beaming with new initiatives and 2017 line-up

SHINE Festival is back to light up the start of July.

Running from June 30th to July 2nd, SHINE Festival will feature the likes of K-pop singer Jessica Jung, along with Shigga Shay, Inch Chua, and Linying*, with many more acts to be announced. SHINE Festival will be held at Orchard Road, so expect a long stretch of exhibitions and activities along the way.

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The festival will also be organizing a programme in collaboration with *SCAPE — the SHINE x *SCAPE Talent Development Programme, catering to young upstarts interested in the fields of dance, extreme sports, gaming, media, music and product creation.

Taking place from 15 May to 28 June, this initiative works with industry professionals to hone their skills and talents — it includes interactive workshops held by Jon Chua of The Sam Willows, Kevin Foo (Foundation Music), SCOGA, O School and AMOK, sharing their experiences working in Singapore.

You will also be able to showcase your works upon completion – from recording and releasing track singles on Spotify, to getting your products launched on Kickstarter.

Register for the programme here.

For more information on SHINE Festival 2017, visit their official website.

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*The article was originally published with the line-up of The Sam Willows and Sezairi, which has since been amended accordingly.

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