Music is an essential part of Singaporeans' lives, according to new survey

Music is an essential part of Singaporeans' lives, according to new survey

If you're reading this site, chances are you're already an avid music listener, and your Spotify playlists — sorted by mood, genre, etc. — are just as essential as to-do lists.

But a new survey by the National Arts Council (NAC) just shows how ubiquitous and essential music has been for Singaporeans all over the country.

Dubbed the National Music Consumption Survey 2017, it comprises of results from 1000 door-to-door surveys undertaken earlier this year with Singaporeans and permanent residents, and it shows some serious numbers about how, and why we consume music the way we do, along with perceptions of international and local music.

Here's a brief breakdown of the information presented to the public.


93% of Singaporeans surveyed listen to music at least once a week, and 62% listen daily. 71% of the same segment of listeners also listen to Singaporean music, although the retaining numbers are far lesser.

While online music discovery is made more accessible than before, it appears that Singaporeans still find out about new music through traditional means — 90% discover new music through radio and TV, along with word-of-mouth recommendations. Of all the people surveyed, only 52% make use of online platforms for new music, with the majority being youths aged 15 to 24.

The online platforms that are popular with Singaporeans? 60% is YouTube, 20% is Spotify and 15% for official radio apps. Out of the all the surveyors, only 10% primarily use paid streaming services as a means to access music, with an offline library (digital downloads) still topping at 26%.

66% of those who took part in the survey revealed that they are proud of Singaporean music and musicians.

Singaporean music is identified as any piece of music performed or composed by musicians who are Singaporean citizens or are permanent residents. However, only 34% of the survey participants admitted to actively seeking out Singaporean music, with 51% thinking that Singaporean music has international appeal and can be marketed overseas. 

The 29% who don't listen to Singaporean music were asked for their top five reasons for not doing so — 43% stated that they were not exposed to local music and talents. 42% admitted to not being interested in Singaporean music as they find international music more appealing. 17% find Singaporean music to be of low quality. 

The types of music listeners in Singapore can be broken down into seven segments – the extroverted Singaporean music enthusiast (18%), the reserved Singaporean music lover (17%), the avid individualist (16%), the casual listener (13%), the neutral goldie (13%), the uninterested (13%) and the unexposed (10%). Check out to see which category you find yourself falling into.

Check out the rest of the infographics provided by NAC below, and you can check out the survey results in detail here.