Singapore's D&B OGs throw a free pop-up party at Cherry Discotheque

Singapore's D&B OGs throw a free pop-up party at Cherry Discotheque

Its only been a couple of months since Cherry Discoteque officially opened its doors over at 21 Mount Elizabeth, but the fresh venue has already built up a solid reputation for itself as the new club on the block.

With a retro decor (think arcade games and neon signage) that looks grungy and industrial while feeling sleek and chic at the same time, you've got yourself a space that can appeal to both mainstream and underground clientele. 

Outside of their usual hip-hop and trap offerings, the club also recently booked the legendary DJ Craze for massive a headlining slot that saw throngs of new attendees acquaint themselves with Cherry's unique vibe.

Now it looks like the club is getting even more adventurous with their programming because they've handed this Thursday night over to some of Singapore's illest long-time bass selectors for a surprise pop-up party!

Headlined by a trio of local drum & bass icons in Syndicate bossman Kiat, D&B general Vortex and Revision Music co-founder Senja (read about the history of Singapore's drum & bass scene here) alongside a proper dubstep set from the one and only Darren Dubwise - this one sure feels like it's going to be a special night that nods to the past while still looking towards the future. 

Drum & Bass @ Cherry Discotheque happens on Thursday, 13 October. Entry is free.

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