lullaboy celebrates his Indonesian roots in new single '3 new words' — listen

lullaboy celebrates his Indonesian roots in new single '3 new words' — listen

lullaboy has unveiled his first single of the year.

Launched on 23 February, '3 new words' is a "melodic love letter" that shines the spotlight on the Singapore-raised Indonesian-Chinese singer-songwriter's Indonesian culture. 

In the track's chorus, lullaboy declares his feelings to the special someone in his life using the Bahasa Indonesian phrase "aku cinta kamu", which translates to "I love you" in English.

The incorporation of Bahasa Indonesia lyrics in '3 new words' is a first for lullaboy, whose previous releases only comprised lyrics in English.


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Penned in the United States and mastered and recorded in Singapore, lullaboy's fifth release via RedRecords also includes melodic and harmonic elements that are reminiscent of those from popular Indonesian ballads. 

"‘3 new words’ is finally out and this is how it feels to fall in love. go stream it and make the world a better place," wrote lullaboy in a post on Instagram.

Born as Bernard Dinata, lullaboy has charmed audiences in Singapore and beyond with heartfelt and memorable love tunes such as 'Shortcut to Heaven', 'someone like u', and 'van gogh'.

He has also been a guest songwriter at South Korean entertainment agency SM Entertainment and performed at last year's editions of Good Vibes Festival and Sonic Bang

Stream '3 new words' here: