Singled Out: A Vinyl Art Exhibition

We’ve expounded before on how the vinyl format is an artful medium in itself. With a focus on aesthetics with elaborate packaging and uniquely-coloured records, the format has grounds for so many ideas. And now there’s one for a good cause. 

The Connoisseur Concerto presents Singled Out, an exhibition aiming to marry the tangible and personable aspect of music and vinyl with uninhibited artistic expression, all in the name of charity. The initiative has commissioned 50 Singaporean designers and artists to utilise vinyl records and sleeves as canvases for their own ideas. Conceptualised by creative agency fFurious, in collaboration with events organisation and Thunder Rock School, Singled Out invites these artists to look back on the songs that have shaped, inspired or even comforted them over the years. 

Artworks from Brandon Tay and Speak Cryptic

With these songs, the artists are then encouraged to translate what these songs mean to them into pieces of art with vinyl serving as the medium. From gorgeously painted vinyl to entire sculptures made of records, they will all be up for display at The Connoisseur Concerto’s outlet at Circular Road from 17th October 2014 to 6th January 2015.

Artworks from Natalie Pixiedub and Michelle Yu

Of course, in the name of charitable causes, the artworks will be up for auction with all the proceeds heading towards Thunder Rock School. The institution has been hard at work setting up a music education outreach program; a program specifically catered to children who are financially disadvantaged. The money raised from the artworks would go to a programme that would help nurture a future generation of musicians who would otherwise not have the resources to achieve it. 

“Parallel to how these artists have been inspired by a track to create an art piece, Singled Out aims to give these children an opportunity to be inspired by, appreciate and learn music and we hope that can be achieved through the mentoring of teachers at Thunder Rock” - Little Ong, the Creative Director of fFurious. 

With a huge array of artists already set to showcase their works this Friday, you'll be in for a treat and if you have the pocket for it, join in the online auction and give to a good cause!