Slot Machine to hold metaverse concert at Bandwagon Pixel Party, here's everything you need to know

Slot Machine to hold metaverse concert at Bandwagon Pixel Party, here's everything you need to know

Slot Machine are throwing a party in the metaverse!

The Thai rock trio is making their deep dive into the digital world, bringing their iconic sci-fi looks and eclectic sounds to the virtual realm for the first time at Bandwagon Pixel Party this 11 September at 11 AM SGT (10 September at 11 PM EST) via Decentraland.


Hosted by Bandwagon Labs in partnership with EBX and Mettaverse, Bandwagon Pixel Party is a virtual concert series that not only showcases Asia's budding talents but also allows music fans' to experience their favourite artists like never before.

Slot Machine will come as the latest act to grace the series' virtual stages, following Hoaprox, AmPm,  ShiGGa Shay, Dipha Barus, Forestsand MRYNE.

Here's everything you need to know to join Slot Machine's metaverse party at Bandwagon Pixel Party. 


Distinctive, unconventional, and outright rock-and-roll, Slot Machine are one of Thailand's most coveted rock bands. Comprising Gak (bass), Foet (vocals), and Vit (guitar), the trio are known for weaving together the sounds of modern rock music with the stylings of traditional Thai culture in a way that seems like they were always meant to be together. 

Formed in 2004, Slot Machine grew from a group of high school boys competing in music competitions to now, one of the region's most sought-out acts. Since their formation, Slot Machine have released several hit tracks including 'Yesterday', 'Goodbye', and 'Song For U', and performed on grand stages all across the world.

Most recently, the band got featured on the soundtrack of the hit drama series, KinnPorsche: The Series. 


Decentraland is a game-like, virtual open-world platform that allows users to create avatars, roam through digital environments, interact with others, and attend super-cool events (like Bandwagon Pixel Party). Think of it as one of the gateways to the Metaverse.

Users can also connect their digital wallets to collect and access their NFTs. 


The great part about Bandwagon Pixel Party is that anyone from anywhere in the world can tune in. Not restricted to locations and venue capacities, it's pretty simple to dance your heart out to Slot Machine's iconic tracks from wherever you are—all you'll need is a good computer that can handle the entire Metaverse experience. 

To enter the Metaverse with the Thai hitmakers, you just need to register for a Decentraland account and customise your own avatar. And to add to your experience, you can even connect your digital wallet via Metamask where you can store your in-world process and access your digital assets—like your Bandwagon NFT Attendance Pass. Check out how to set up your Metamask wallet below. 

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The first 500 attendees to Bandwagon Pixel Party can collect an NFT Attendance Pass, which are essentially like digital wristbands showing you attended the event. These will give you access to Bandwagon's future NFT drops, private chatrooms, raffles, and more. 

Join Bandwagon Pixel Party here.